EA: Move can capture Wii’s audience

A lot of gamers wondered if Sony could compete with Nintendo’s Wii product when it revealed PlayStation Move to the masses. Most figured that gamers that already purchased a Wii wouldn’t be willing to go out and buy a PlayStation Move for a similar experience. However, Electronic Arts believes that Sony can actually capture and steal the Nintendo Wii’s audience and demographic through PlayStation Move.

EA’s European VP Jens Uwe Intant feels that Sony can provide Wii gamers with that next level of gaming and bring them into the “next generation” of it as well. This would mean that he also feels that the Wii isn’t a part of next-generation gaming like the 360 and PS3.

“We’ve always hoped Nintendo would get new audiences into gaming with the Wii, and they’ve successfully done that.

“We also always hoped those people would later buy a next gen gaming machine that does stuff the Wii doesn’t do as well as the others and we can certainly expect that the combination of reducing the entry barrier of the price and making the PS3 and 360 more accessible via Move or Kinect, we will certainly get people who now enjoy playing video games and want to play online or enjoy games in a much high resolution. We do expect quite a few people to do this.”

It’s great to see such a large publisher get on board with Sony’s Move, because that should result in a boat load of support in the future. However, whether or not Sony can earn some of the marketshare through Move against the Wii is yet to be seen. Only time will be able to tell how this one works out.

Do you guys think Move will create a lot of Wii adopters to transition over to the HD world of gaming?

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  1. loking at what the wii is hardware wise and what its game libary looks like, i do not beliewe that the move is going to stell wiis audience, not because it cant make better motion control games, it can
    but because the tipe of consumer that would buy a wii is wery uneducated about consoles and gaming owerall and/or is wery yung and ready to buy a console for only 2 or 3 good games

    before you guys disagre with me, please take a minute and realy count all the AAA games that this “next gen” console gawe us
    on metacritic it has a total of 8 games rated abowe 90

  2. We got the move for the kids when it came out, it’s pretty expensive for both controllers and a game, the camera they had already. I think the Ps3 and Move bundle is $400 plus another controller ($50) to play to it’s full potential is a bit steep for most people especially in these times, however those who always wanted a next gen system, but love how the Wii performs they will be blown away with the move.

    I think we will eventually start to see Wii owners Move to Sony.

  3. Btw Reigen, what is wrong with your V key?

  4. english isnt my best language, (just like most of the world) mayby i mispeled something

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