Expect PlayStation 3 price cut on September 13th

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Over the last couple of months, there has been a lot of speculation and rumored reports whether or not any of the three major console manufacturers would choose to drop in price this year. After all, it’s been awhile since the Microsoft Xbox 360 dropped to its latest sweet spot and that the Nintendo Wii hit the $199 floor. However, Sony’s PlayStation 3 has been sitting pretty at $299 for quite some time and has been continuing to sell well.

After the recent legal struggles with hackers around the world and the LG fiasco in Europe, you’d imagine that Sony would be absolutely crazy to throw down a price cut any time this year for its console — especially considering it just started turning a solid profit. However, if an email we received this morning is to be believed, a price cut should be expected and announced at E3 2011 for September 13th, 2011.

It’s obvious that Sony would choose an event like E3 to announce the price drop of one of its products, but we’re not too sure why September 13th is the date being given. Currently, we’re to believe that $249.99 is going to be the new pricing point for the current SKU while Sony also plans to continue to offer an upgraded HDD option for $299.99 as always.

We don’t normally report on rumors such as this one; however, considering the source has close ties with Sony and the PlayStation brand I felt it may have some merit and weight behind it. If true, you can probably expect a retaliatory price drop from Microsoft as well in order to keep a gap between the two consoles in market share.

Considering the great PlayStation 3 titles lined up for this Fall, it wouldn’t shock me if this was the best time ever to be a PlayStation 3 owner.

Readers Comments (6)

  1. No E3 is not the right event to announce a pricecut. The Games convention is much better, they announced the Slim and 299$ price at Games Convention.

    Its also much closer to the holiday season: at the end of august, start of september.

    I think we can expect a pricecut at the Games Convention.

    And btw, PS3 didn’t “just started turning profit” its making money since the beginning of 2010, well over a year now.

  2. “considering the great ps3 games lined up this fall it wouldnt shock me if this was the best time ever to be a ps3 owner” been hearing that for at least 3 years. and its been true for three years.

  3. It certainly makes sense, Sony have some huge exclusives lined up for the 4th quarter like Uncharted 3, Twisted Metal, The Last Guardian and Resistance 3. Sony have the exclusives contest all wrapped up for the 4th year in a row and a price cut on top of that would be a final knockout for 2011.

  4. victorgodamnsullivan March 17, 2011 @ 00:27

    Great for Sony as long as they can bring their manufacturing costs down to still make a profit at the new price point.

  5. I think Sony should bring the price cut early 2012 and hold to that price till chrismas end, this is my take with buisness in mind bcuz I think the PS3 will still sell well at that price point then at the TGS Sony can announce a price cut. Microsoft has better marketing than Sony but still Sony catched up. Now the PS3 wont surpass the ps2 sinse Sony let Microsoft to take (probably) half of their user base.

  6. …idk
    bundles here in Slovenia are priced 229 euros

    but whith uncharted3, resistance3, infamous2, twisted metal, the last guardian, motorstorm3, etc i wouldent be suprised of a 50% increase in sales despite a pricerase
    but seriously, i dont fink theres gona be a price drop, at leased not here in europe

    so you poor parents just go ahead and show how much you hate youre kids by buying them the chepest shit you can find…
    (the barbie horse adwentures wii bundle) xD

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