Gran Turismo 5 delayed due to pirates? Coming soon though

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Yesterday when Sony officially confirmed the delay of Gran Turismo 5, most gamers thought it was an early April Fools joke and that the game was still on its way come November 2nd. However, once the reality set in, it started to turn into a joke all on its own. After all, were we ever going to finally see GT5 on store shelves?

Today, however, news has been spreading that Sony has delayed Gran Turismo 5 due to the hacking of the XMB to play pirated material. Apparently after PSJailbreak was created, Sony made it mandatory for all games releasing post-October to carry SDK350 and GT5 was going to print under SDK341. This “rumor” came from a user on the Blu-ray Forums.

Like I said it is manufacturing issues. I had it confirmed today.

The problem arose when SCE mandated SDK 350 on all games releasing after after October, GT5 was about to go gold running on SDK 341, but it has been delayed by around a week so that they can update to SDK 350. This has caused a big headache for the manufacturing side, given how big this game is missing the gold date by even a week can cause a months worth of delay as slots are already taken up at this time of year for Blu-ray movies and such. So Sony had to find a 3 week slot big enough to make 7m+ copies of this and get them shipped out.

If you want to blame anyone, I would direct it at the pirates and hackers, SCE never had any real SDK restrictions before firmware 3.41 was compromised.

If this is the case, then the situation isn’t as ridiculous as it could have been. Considering a few sites are reporting that PD and Sony only missed the printing goal for Gold discs by 3 days or so, it should mean that the game will be prepped and ready for release long before 2011 (you know what I mean).

Hopefully this is the case and we’ll all be enjoying GT5 come late November.

Readers Comments (10)

  1. If this is true then alright that makes sense, but seriously, waiting for this game is like a religious fanatic talking about the coming of jesus every 10 years when it never will happen. I get the same feeling for this game.

    But then again, I’m not really upset. Get to save my money for a bit 🙂

  2. Seriously they expects to sell 7m straight away? lol. imo get about 3m into the market and let the rest wait a month or so for the reprint 🙂

  3. Type your message here…

  4. well at least we can expect the game this year hopefully

  5. “After all, were we ever going to finally see GT5 on store shelves?”

    Video Game Journalism, meet TOILET!

  6. There is something called hype, and there is this…this is beyond hype, there are no excuses anymore…

  7. well i can say im actually suprised they found an excuse to delay it AGAIN

  8. beliewe it or not, this is actualy the games 2nd delay,
    the first was a delay for japanese release
    as for the games long dewelopment cicle…
    70+ tracks and 1000+ cars cant be made within 2 or 3 years, especialy if youre making it for a racing simulator

    gt4(a.k.a. the dady of racing games) took 5 years to make

  9. shit!
    my reply to slimguy94 somehow came out as a message from slimguy94

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