Gran Turismo 5 delayed worldwide — surprise!

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According to the Official PlayStation Blog, Gran Turismo 5 has officially been delayed by Polyphony Digital to a later date this Holiday season. Surprisingly enough, no later date was given, and gamers are expected to just tough it out with the release window being ‘Holiday Season.”

Apparently this delay is going down because the developers still aren’t happy with the end result of the game, despite stating numerous times in the past that the title is finished and could be released that very day. This delay is either a result of a poor product that isn’t going to live up to the expectations of the fanbase nor the expectations of the publisher or its a result of just bad business.

Gran Turismo 5 is beginning to feel a lot like Duke Nukem Forever at this point and I’m pretty sure most gamers are growing tired of this happening. I’m aware it has only been delayed once before ‘officially,’ but come on — it’s been in development forever.

We’ll let you know if Sony ever decides to drop a real release date for this phantom title.

Readers Comments (14)

  1. Has it been delayed before? We only got a date at E3, so for me, this is the first delay.

    From what we’ve seen, I think we can all be confident that it’s not the “result of a poor product that isn’t going to live up to the expectations”. It’s probably that they just didn’t want to release next to Black Ops.

    Which sucks for me, as I don’t want Black Ops anyway. On consoles, CoD games are ten-a-penny these days, whereas top quality racers… well, there’s only GT.

  2. Been delayed before?! It was suppose to be a PS3 launch game.


  3. I was not expecting this! Actually, daevv, I think it’s only been delayed twice (this being the second time).

  4. Shotgun Junior October 13, 2010 @ 11:42

    What, really? I was hoping to pick this one up in the coming weeks… Well I’m still buying it if it ever comes out, but I’m kind of disappointed in Polyphony… This better be one hell of a game, and they better release it this year.


  6. You know this is not surprising I was sure Polyphony Digital was going to make a move like this. You know what the hype is over this game is old news already. This is what I’ve been waiting for all these years and they keep holding it back. its just a couple more weeks away from release, and they fuck up the hype with disappointment.

  7. It’s quite clear why this has happened. All the stories about glitches, and missing roads etc. They just want to fix those and that’s going to take a week or so. The game has most likely gone gold and they’re working on a patch before they release.

  8. victorgodamnsullivan October 13, 2010 @ 13:27

    I have not purchased the Move or any games so far this holiday because I was waiting on GT. With LBP 2 delayed as well I am only looking forward to Ghost of Sparta ATM. This is outrageous and clearly a business decision. Sony knew Black Ops was coming out in November because COD games always come out in November. So why did they give it a Nov. 2 release date? Hire me Sony I think I know why your last this generation, and I can turn it around for you.

  9. Well….let’s all just hope that it’s worth the wait. We have seen how much content is coming with GT5, and it’s impressive no doubt. I think it’s better to release it when it’s 100% perfect, than to release it with bugs and inbalances.

  10. fuck me with an aids dick. oh well, least this gives me a little more time to try and get to GR15 on wkc

  11. Splitting Void October 13, 2010 @ 19:37

    @daevv It was never announced as a PS3 launch title. The earliest release date was a Japanese release in March 2010, but then all the releases got pushed to November 2010 and now the release is holiday season 2010.

  12. @David Wales
    “phantom title” Stop being silly.

    This is only the first world wide delay. The other date given earlier this year was only for Japan.

    Reason for delay……

    “Sony didn’t give much of an explanation when it announced Gran Turismo 5’s delay yesterday. For something a bit more solid (just a bit), we turn to series producer Kazunori Yamauchi himself.Returning to Twitter for the first time since September 22, Yamauchi apologized to fans today and explained that the reason for the delay was that it was taking some time to finalize some of the game’s more complicated systems. Apologizing again (two apologies in the same Tweet!), he asked that players wait a bit more.Yamauchi quickly followed up this apology with some good news for those worrying that this is actually a stealth delay to 2011. A follower pleaded with him to get the game out by the end of the year. “I believe we won’t keep you waiting until then,” replied Yamauchi.”

  13. if forza could release 2 games and announce a third before gt5 came out then something is wrong. It doesn’t matter how many times it has been delayed, if it takes 6 years to make a racing game then why are they considered one of the greatest developers in the world?

  14. @Doominator99
    Compare the history, quality and accomplishments of both developers and then you’ll Know why. Polyphony Digital isn’t just a game developer and Kazunori Yamauchi isn’t just a game producer.

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