Heavy Rain sells over one million in five weeks

Heavy Rain has sold over one million copies in the five weeks it’s been on sale, Sony Computer Entertainment announced today. The PlayStation 3 exclusive broke new ground, developing its own genre and surprising critics with its emotional content. Heavy Rain was Sony’s first UK number one since Killzone 2 and in general really took its developer, Quantic Dream, by surprise.

The studio’s CEO David Cage comments on the game’s sales:

“It has been hugely gratifying to see the positive response that Heavy Rain has received from gamers. It shows that it is possible to create games that break with convention, games that seek to tell complex stories, and games that can inspire unexpected emotions in players – and that such games can be commercial as well as critical successes. I hope that this success will continue to help pave the way for new, groundbreaking experiences.”

Mark Hardy, European product marketing director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, adds:

“It’s a stunning achievement – not least because Heavy Rain is not a traditional blockbuster game. It’s a blend of gaming, drama and cinema – groundbreaking and utterly immersive for players – that defies the normal rules and lets you shape the story you play.

“It’s been wonderful to hear the reviewers admiring the game’s ambitiousness; however, the real delight has been in seeing the gamers taking Heavy Rain to their hearts so quickly. It shows that gamers are ready for more: more interactivity, more choice in how to play and more of the open-ended gaming experiences that only PlayStation is delivering.”

Cage wanted to send a message to the industry with Heavy Rain — developers should try something new and different. With over one million copies sold in just five weeks, Cage and his studio may have achieved that very goal.

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  1. yes!!! this game deserves those sell, and more. such a well crafted story, with tons of emotion. 🙂

  2. very nice! yet another reason to have people expand the boundaries of gaming!

  3. Pretty good considering this game tailored to a very specific audience.

  4. It’s hard to discribe my experience when I’m playing the game, but I really felt attached to the characters. I just wanted it to last long, it was just getting interesting and then it was done.

  5. @ImLastBoss: thats where the DLC comes in 😀

    well to a point lol, the taxidermist was 800mb but was disappointingly short lol

  6. hacker13sacker April 14, 2010 @ 06:05

    i only people who don’t enjoy this game are FPS addicts. i loved this game the minute i started playing it , i think people should always try something a little different every now and then

  7. Great game, And For a New IP those are truly impressive numbers. Hope that it crosses 3 million mark in coming months. Quantic Dream you deserve it

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