In InFamous 2 morality plays larger role

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According to Game Informer, SuckerPunch has plenty in store for the highly anticipated sequel to InFamous that should please many fans of the series.

The development team plans on improving where they fell short in the past by creating more unique parkour moves and bigger bosses. This is something some gamers may feel was lacking in the original installment. Furthermore, you can expect Cole’s actions to have deeper consequences as well as the developers took into account a lot of community feedback.

“[InFamous 1] was a superhero game that you could get into and have a good time,” the developer told the mag. “The second game, if we do our jobs right, will hopefully give you a heart attack. We’re able to have a much more empathetic narrative this time. There are bigger consequences to your choices, and it’s not really obvious what’s good and bad.

“Morality is certainly a big part of the product. And we are committed to making it impactful and meaningful, and have it be something you feel is responsive to how you’re playing the game.”

In the bigger picture of things, SuckerPunch is attempting to create an environment where your character makes an impact in the world around him.

“It becomes this landscape of opportunities when you can zip up a building, then find a wire that goes across empty space,” it says. “You’re making it up as you go, and you’re stringing together these cool moves that allow you to dominate the space in a way that only Cole can do.”

Considering the series of moves and stunt lines you could pull off in InFamous, it’s going to be crazy to see what new elements to the game play the dev team has added. This is definitely something to look out for.

There is no doubt that we will be getting more exciting news concerning InFamous 2 at E3 later this year.

Readers Comments (8)

  1. It still sucks that they changed the voice actor

  2. Nice. The new parkour moves sound great.

    My only concern with infamous is that Cole doesn’t feel “heavy”, like he has no weight at all. If they can fix that I’ll be all over infamous 2 xD

  3. inFamous 2 might pull an Uncharted 2. 🙂

    GotY I’m calling it!

  4. I love it when a game has difficult choices, like in Heavy Rain.

  5. Doominator99 June 7, 2010 @ 14:50

    difficult choices make my brain hurt

  6. I’m not really digging the new Cole. The new guy has sort of a baby face. On top of that, I just read that they changed the voice actor. *sigh* Me no like change.

  7. I’m fine with his look and voice actor being changed. As long as they’ve got a good voice actor, and they’ve make a fun game, I’m ok with the changes.

  8. Made* typo. And I bet his look wont even matter as much(even tho I think he looks much better than he did in the first game)once we see the new gameplay.

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