Jaffe: “Bayonetta blows the doors off God of War”

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David Jaffe isn’t exactly the type of industry figurehead to sit in the corner of his office and rarely peak his head out. In fact, sometimes it feels like Jaffe goes out of his way just to make sure his voice his heard on a particular subject and it’s more than a breath of fresh air around the egg-shelled industry that is gaming PR. Recently, though, a user comment on his official blog has sent him off on sort of a tangent due to this user claiming that God of War is a clunky franchise and that Devil May Cry, Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden are far superior.

Funny enough — Jaffe agrees to an extent, but doesn’t hesitate to put this gamer in his place either.

“We were not trying to go head to head with those games. ANYONE can see the pure technique involved in those games- or games like Bayonetta– blows the doors off GOD OF WAR. They are SUPPOSED to! In GOD OF WAR our goal was to get the player to feel like they were on an adventure that was easy to play, had cool scenarios, puzzles, platforming,etc.

“The goal was NEVER to be some amazing combat simulator. Your reaction proves my point: you may not LIKE GOD OF WAR but you don’t even stop to think that perhaps there are other goals and ways of doing things, not JUST the ones you like.

“And if you look at the GOD OF WAR sales compared to those games you mention, clearly- at least from a sales standpoint- we did something right”

Hopefully Jaffe is talking about the Xbox 360 version of Bayonetta though, because if he’s discussing the PlayStation 3 format, he’s off his rocker a bit. Regardless of which side you want to take on this fence, it’s safe to say that all franchises previously mentioned have been widely successful in their own rights.

Readers Comments (8)

  1. I’m sure I won’t be the first to point this out… typo in title. Bayonetta 😉

    But I really do agree gameplay wise. Bayonetta is simply amazing and really, there’s almost no reason to bash the PS3 version. I played through it and even though I’m sure it doesn’t run as smoothly as the 360 version, it’s very much worth a purchase and quickly became one of my favorite actions games ever. The technical issues are nowhere near bad enough to stop anyone from enjoying this amazing game. God of War may feel more epic in scale though but it just doesn’t compare in replayability and how fun the battle system is.

  2. Bayonetta is a fantastic game and is almost as good as God of War III. It’s certainly better than God of War, God of War II, and God of War: Chains of Olympus.

  3. @TRF – God of War III is the worst of the bunch. It’s a good game still, but nowhere near GoW I and II. Haven’t played CoO,so I can’t comment on that.

  4. actualy, gow is a combat simulator, ewen after 3 playthroughs you still wont master all of the moves in any gow game, right now gow3 is the best example for the action zanra in any medium,
    however gow3`s presentation isnt as good as that of gow2(nothing realy is)

  5. @TRF & Nick
    interesting, because i played all of the gow games, and while gow2 has the best presentation, gow3 is far beter than any of the previous gow games,
    actualy, to me ist almost like a perfect action game, and i dont ewen like hack and slash games…

  6. Why should I care about this type of news?. Err, I’m not trying to sound too harsh but I’ve been seeing articles on several different websites quoting Jaffe about all kinds of topics.

    I love the guy as much as anyone but It’s not like he is giving a hint on the new Twisted Metal or talking about an important topic of the industry……

    You see my point?.

  7. GoW3 is for sure not the best. GoW2 was much better.

    Haven’t played bayonetta yet.

  8. Bayonetta had the best combat for sure. Also, I didn’t think the PS3 version was as bad as it’s everyone claims it to be.

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