Keighley: The Last of Us a title “no one is going to see coming”

Geoff Keighley has further teased soon-to-be-unveiled PS3 exclusive The Last Day in a new video.

The game has been teased over recent weeks, and is set to be unveiled for the first time during the Spike Video Game Awards on the weekend. It seems Keighley is a little surprised that information on the highly speculated title, which is in development at an unknown developer and set to be published by Sony.

“We’re working with Sony on a massive announcement that no one is going to see coming,” he says in the video, which you can watch below. “I’m shocked every day that none of this has leaked out, but we’ve got something absolutely mind-blowing that we’re going to unveil, from Sony, at the VGAs.”

The GTTV host goes on to say that the trailer being shown at the Los Angeles event this Saturday (5pm PST) will introduce the game’s world and characters with an in-game effort.

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  1. He sort of makes it seem like it’ll be something we may be familiar with from the past. And I wonder who the mystery dev is. Gonna be teh sex.

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