Kevin Butler’s ‘stache sells ModNation Racers

Kevin Butler’s advertisements continue to cause hilarity with his latest entry centering on ModNation Racers. The game marries Mario Kart with LittleBigPlanet, letting players create their own tracks and share them with the PlayStation Network community. VP of Inspiration and Perspiration, Kevin Butler attempts to build the confidence of a budding track designer in this latest ad.

Sony’s “It Only Does Everything” (except Linux) advertisements appear to be paying off in the US, and we’re certainly enjoying the shenanigans of VP Kevin Butler. It’s now the turn of upcoming PS3 exclusive ModNation Racers — a Play, Create, Share racer that deserves all the cookie dusters, lady ticklers, crumb catchers, and handle bars it can get. What we’re trying to say is…nice mustache Butler.

The following ad will première during the finale of the current South Park season on 28 April. ModNation Racers releases on May 25th for the PS3 and PSP.

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  1. LOL, damn I love these things

  2. Hilarious! Kevin Butler strikes again!

  3. What is this ? I don’t even

  4. I played Mario Kart 64 to death , and MNR is my kart fantasy that came true~!!!

  5. Moocows111111 April 21, 2010 @ 20:36

    MNR looks like its going to be awesome, I’m debating if I’m going to get it or not, Its hard to resist the Stache.

  6. LOL, kevin is awesome!!

    and of course…MNR 😀

  7. Lmao the writers of these commercials are genius.

  8. lol the writers of these commercials are genius!

  9. EPIC!!!!

  10. EPIC! I would pre order on this commercial aone 😉 LOL

  11. They HAVE to have him deliver the E3 keynote. It would instantly become the best keynote EVAR!!!

  12. xD
    Kevin Butler would be the best way to anounce a game or something at e3

  13. VP of Inspiration and Perspiration. XD

  14. love him, wish he was my dad XD

  15. He is my Hero! 😀

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