Killzone 2 Utilized Only 50% Of Killzone 3’s Engine

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Guerilla’s Game Leader, Herman Hulst, has confirmed with that gamers will be able to take part in co-op splitscreen for its upcoming title, Killzone 3. However, considering that was leaked last week, it’s even more surprising to know that Killzone 2 was running at a fraction of the processing power that Killzone 3 is.

When questioned about the co-op splitscreen feature, Hulst revealed that the development team realized they had all of this extra power to play with. How did they find out? That was simple. They introduced a level from Killzone 2 into the new Killzone 3 engine and found out that it was only using 50% of the processing power that Killzone 3 has to offer.

“We found a lot of power after we completed Killzone 2,” Guerrilla’s Hulst said. “Just to give you an example on the graphics side: we pulled a level from Killzone 2 into the Killzone 3 engine and it ran at 50 per cent. That’s how much power we’ve been able to find.

“You can see it in split screen co-op.”

This is unbelievable when you think of how great Killzone 2 looked. Killzone 3 releases early in 2011 and should be a contender for Game of the Year by the end of it. Though with how filled 2011 is with great games, it may be difficult to get the nod for the award.

Readers Comments (15)

  1. I feel like I have read this story 1000 times over the years.

    • LOL True…every dev does this…then again, KZ2 was awesome. If KZ3 manages to keep up and improve on the very solid foundations of KZ2, it’ll be a sure contender to GOTY.

  2. Killzone 3 will rock.

  3. Then why does Killzone 3 look exactly like its predecessor? 😛

  4. TRF you dont know what you are talking about BRO,
    1) have you seen KZ3 playing infront of you
    2) have you played KZ3
    3) man dont make comments when you know absolutley nothing DUDE

  5. I hate you TRF

  6. TRF must stand for “Total Retard Fanboy” because he obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Halo has GBC graphics, so who is a 360 buttlicker to judge the graphics of a REAL First – Person Shooter? LOL. The first Killzone on PS2 had better graphics than any 360 game, so your comment made you sound like an uneducated little troll.

    The only reason this guy is making nonsense comments on the internet instead of playing Halo: Reach is because Reach was an embarassment to the videogames industry and everyone knows it, Halo has become more stale than Rock Band so all he’s got left to do with himself is make an idiot out of himself on the internet. Get a life!

    • I love that you called TRF a fanboy (which anyone on the forums know he is not) and then proceed to make some of the most absurd fanboy comments you can make on the internet. Hypocritical doesn’t begin to cover it.

      • LogisticsandStatistics December 15, 2010 @ 05:25

        @Frank”TheDouchebag” Burns

        I hope you’re joking because if you can take a small sentence like TRF’s and turn it into someone grandiose fanboy conspiracy theory, then you sir are literally stupid.

        No, KZ3 doesnt look EXACTLY like KZ2, but it looks pretty close. And what’s with the Halo comments? How did that get pulled into this? I can see the jealous rage in you boy, and it ain’t pretty.

        • What’s with the Halo comments? Well I just find it hilarious that any 360 fangirl would dare to criticize the graphics of a PS3 game when the 360’s graphics are closer to the Wii’s than the PS3’s and everybody knows it. There hasn’t been a single game on the 360 that looks even 1% as good as Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, GOW3 or Heavy Rain, so the hypocrisy of 360 cheerleaders when they judge graphics is beyond absurd. That’s what’s with all the Halo comments.

          Also, sorry but there’s no jealousy here, why would I be jealous of a game that has GBC graphics? LOL. I am Frank Burns and I have spoken!

  7. victorgodamnsullivan December 15, 2010 @ 00:30

    Hey guys easy on TRF, he was just making a statement on
    Killzone 3 from the content he has seen so far. He is not a troll and is a dedicated member of PLAYSTATION University, not the Halo reach fanboy threads. I don’t think he was necessarily correct either, but that does not mean he was trolling.

  8. TRF is a stupid jerky fanboi whom i hate! you big.. big… STUPID! ya i told you

  9. victorgodamnsullivan December 15, 2010 @ 02:41

    LOL nice one XERO.

  10. Even if it does look like Killzone 2, it still looks better than any existing shooter on a console. 😉 Don’t be hatin.

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