Move is being “very widely embraced” says Sony

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Sony has been widely criticized about the PlayStation Move since it was announced due to the staggering resemblance it shares with Nintendo’s very own, Wiimote. Most gamers don’t take into account that the technology behind this device has been worked on since the early days of the PlayStation 2’s life span or that most controls that are motion-oriented should feature a similar design scheme that fits in your hand.

Regardless of the doubters, Sony has proven that its technology works and that it can help bring a game to that next level experience. One game that has shown this is Heavy Rain, which was already heavily motion-based to begin with. However, by adding Move support, Heavy Rain becomes a true-to-life interactive title that anyone can pick up and enjoy if they dig great gaming.

Furthermore, PlayStation Move pre-orders are doing very well and the product is quickly becoming widely accepted across the industry. More and more developers are jumping aboard the Move train and it doesn’t surprise Sony at all. In fact, they believe that developers became enamored with the product once they realized how easy it was to implement the technology into previously released titles and upcoming games as well.

Speaking with EDGE Online, Andrew House stated that he feels the implementation of the device was the tipping point for most of the industry.

“I don’t think we have a figure for exclusive Move games, I don’t think we break it down that way. I’d say that Move support across the studios has been very widely embraced, and in the words of one of our development studios, their tipping-point was final kits, final tools and the realisation of just how easy it was to bring it into existing game design and existing plans. You’re going to see that bear fruit some time from now.”

Are you on of those gamers who are embracing this technology and plan on picking it up? If you’re still on the fence about the device, just remember, we’ll be giving away three PlayStation Move Starter Kits here on PlayStation University in mid-September.

Readers Comments (9)

  1. I getting the Move because the other half told me I need to lose wait, guess the marketing worked with her!

  2. victorgodamnsullivan August 23, 2010 @ 09:51

    Day one buy for me. The tech demos on episode 26 of QORE really sold me. Picking up heavy rain with it. Can I pre-order this anywhere?

  3. o yea, im looking forward to it, dident hawe a chace to play heawy rain yet

  4. I’m getting a $100 Move bundle as well as Time Crisis: Razing Storm.

  5. would like it but to be honest a little to pricing so will wait for the price to drop like a lot of people

  6. I already have the 100$ Move bundle paid off. I’m certainly sold on the technology itself. I just hope that more developers realize how great the tech actually is and take advantage of it.

  7. “would like it but to be honest a little to pricing so will wait for the price to drop like a lot of people”

    Did the price ever drop on the dual shock 3? If not a lot of people are going to be waiting a loooong time for a price drop.

  8. i am not going to buy it but i still think it is good. The people that say it looks too similar to the wiimote so it will fail are idiots

  9. Shotgun Junior August 24, 2010 @ 13:44

    I really wasn’t planning on getting this. I’m pretty short on money and move isn’t cheap. Though if it’s really that good I might reconsider and buy a move bundle + heavy rain. But before I waste 150$ I want to see some good reviews and gameplays…

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