Naughty Dog plays Halo Reach and Red Dead Redemption

Naughty Dog doesn’t just stick to the PlayStation 3. Oh no, the Sony owned developer likes to have fun elsewhere, whether it’s in their spare time or to study aspects of the games for their own creations.

In the second part of our exclusive interview with Naughty Dog, the studio’s community strategist Arne Meyer reveals what the team has been playing recently. When we asked what they were playing and which games have stood out for them, Meyer replied:

“There are so many gaming interests among all the Dogs at the studio, from indie games to more mainstream fare and everything in between. We could go on and on about what we’ve been playing and what’s stood out to us and why.

“However, recently we’ve definitely been checking out the Halo: Reach beta and many of us are playing Red Dead Redemption in our spare time, when we have spare time. That’s just one example of many of games we play for fun and also because they’re doing very interesting things in the single-player and multiplayer spaces.”

Good stuff – a developer that does its research is a developer that makes brilliant games. You can read the first part of our interview with Naughty Dog here, with the second and final part right here.

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  1. From what I hear, developers are usually great and appreciative to one another and are never really that cutthroat (except the really cocky ones).

  2. Most normal gamers play good games regardless of platform, why would it be different for them?

  3. Bungie and Naughty are pretty close friends. Red Dead was an excellent game that died out a bit at the end. No surprise they played either game.

    I play competitor games all the time, if you don’t support the industry, who should support your games?

  4. Waitaminute.
    RDR is also on PS3, right? So are they playing on Xbox or PS3? :-O Let’s hope PS3, since that’s where most of my gaming happens.

  5. why do journalist like you act so stupidly retarded?!
    So developers are not allowed to play any games anymore? if they don’t play other games wouldn’t that make them a fanboy?

    if they don’t play other games how would they improve their own games?

  6. @Xino
    “Why do journalist like you act so stupidly retarded?!”

    Ah yes. What a well-formed sentence. You state your case clearly and are obviously going to be taken seriously by the writer of this article. Fantastic job! 😀

  7. @Xino….lol wat a retard

  8. @xino – Thanks for your ever so kind comment. I’m hoping you read to the end of the article, where it says: “Good stuff – a developer that does its research is a developer that makes brilliant games.”

    The whole point of this story is to be a sign that not only is Naughty Dog human, but they are true gamers – they aren’t fanboys – a message to lots of the folk who frequent gaming sites.

    just kidding

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