New PS3 game isn’t from David Jaffe’s team either

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Later today GameTrailers TV will reveal the first trailer for a new PlayStation 3 exclusive game, reportedly from a Sony first-party studio. The game isn’t from Insomniac and it’s not from David Jaffe’s Eat. Sleep. Play either.

David Jaffe is certainly back on the internet, taking guest spots on the PlayStation reality show The Tester, and posting vigurously on his personal blog. And, of course, we love him for it. Now he’s let loose that the latest PS3 game announcement will not be coming from his start-up studio, writing:

“We are working hard on our game and we’re looking forward to showing it to you today on GTTV…oh wait…that’s not us :)”

The tease. So cross Twisted Metal off your list and also anything you might be expecting from Insomniac Games, as previously confirmed here at PlayStation University. So who’s left? Evolution? Guerrilla Games? Sony Cambridge? Sony London? Sony Japan? Thinking caps on.

The exclusive PlayStation 3 has been announced, so read all about it here.

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  1. the plot thickens

  2. Mmmh well, I was thinking Motorstorm 3 but I dont’k think it would make the cut anymore seeing how the tease got bigger.

    Maybe 8 days ?. Or Gateway London? (I Think that’s how it’s called).

  3. ah the stress i cant think

  4. VofEscaflowne March 4, 2010 @ 11:19

    I guess that further adds to the possibility of it being Killzone 2. Would Sony Japan really want to announce a sequel to one of their games on a North American television show though?

    Evolution is responsible for Motorstorm. Sony Cambridge… most notable is LittleBigPlanet but they just recently released it for the PSP so that can’t be it. They also have MediEvil which I’ve never played so I don’t know about that… not very likely. Sony London has Eight Days which I’ve heard mention but is on hold, and then The Getaway which I’ve honestly never heard of.

    So to me, that only leaves Killzone 2 which would deserve the kind of hype of getting a trailer announced. We’ll see later though :p

  5. maybe we will get motorstorm 3, killzone 3,

  6. Damn…well, I think I’ll go with KZ3 this once.

  7. This is getting exciting. It’s like a mystery. So now we know it’s not Insomniac and it’s not Santa Monica, but then . . . whodunit?

    I hope Sucker Punch dunit.

  8. what do you mean the teaser got biger>> theve only been denyials so far…havnt there…

    Motorstorm 3
    Twisted Metal 4
    Ace combat 7
    The mark of kri
    Uncharted 3
    Resistance 3
    Killzone 3
    God of war 3
    Gran turismo 5
    Grand theft auto 5
    syphon filter 5
    The last guardian
    infamous 2

    and there all coming, all exclusive, yes, ea ssx is on there, yes exclusive, yes all in development, yes your eyes wil fall out their sokets tonight on ggtv.

  9. Patrick Steen March 4, 2010 @ 11:30

    Sony Liverpool?

  10. Patrick Steen March 4, 2010 @ 11:31

    Thanks for you copy and paste list Alex =D

  11. ooohhh its infamous 2, 100 percent

    thats y amazon, had it dropped (infamous) to 29.99 then and now infact to under 40 dolars, 38.97 or somehing…


    motorstorm mmmmmmmmm weel meet again.

  12. VofEscaflowne March 4, 2010 @ 11:34

    @Patrick Steen

    Wasn’t Sony Liverpool dismantled or something? I know they’re responsible for the fantastic WipEout HD and I’d love a sequel to that but hearing about the latest news on them made me sad 🙁 What a great game that probably not enough people enjoyed.

    And oops at my mistake above. Meant to say Killzone 3. Can’t believe I made that mistake 3 times (see what I did there? :p)

  13. oi, i created that list, and ive spent all week posting it around trying to get more fans for sony, when peopl erealise thers 2 good games on xbox, if that, and sonys got you covered from all directions,….there no game reallly

    sonys got it

    ms hasntthink about it

    racing – you got modnation, gran turismo, motorstorm
    action youve got .. uncharted 2….god of war 3, syphon filter, agent and infamous

    its ridicolous

    on this note, seen the new modnation trailer>?: came out today

  14. Patrick Steen March 4, 2010 @ 12:13

    Alex, if you want people to be fans of the PS3 you’ve got to be modest, honest and use only confirmed information. Posting lists (I’ve seen them on irrelevant stories) just comes across as spamming. It’s also not needed to downplay the Xbox 360 – it has an extremely solid line-up, especially this year. =)

    @Vof – Sony Liverpool and Evolution merged…and a reduction in head-count followed. I’d still expect them to make WipEout and MotorStorm as before (perhaps on a 1 year timescale similar to Insomniac)

  15. are you mad, xbox has nothing try and compile a list like this for xbox you cant, and you kow as well as i do, even if i did ,, only use confirmed or pretty much confirmed games, the list would still be 8 games strong,

    beter than shatdown, alan sheep and reach for the cola bottle. or anything else their hiding,.

    NOTHIN,G they got nothing,

    and it was me, …alex c…… twiter mrpurple101 …..posting that list round everywhere this week, even on unrealted posts, i tried to cover, posts where, i thought xbox readers would be…lol, for ten mins, then i hit playstation rumour and speculation sites, who know stuff, but cant say it yet, so i thought i would.

    as i know something you dont. sony’s got game.

  16. and god dam it i want dreamer lion to come back and say how he thinks the rumor/teaser has got bigger….unless it is..that he still thinks its resistance or something like that,……

  17. seen this yet… got released today,…not one of their best timings….but something funnies going on down at sony. could have relased this tomorrow dude…..for sure…more readers on friday lunchtime…

    it said spring 2010, like all the other modnaion trialers….would you call june1st summer or spring..?? lol

  18. We all know it’s Super Rub-a-Dub 2 .

    Can’t wait !

  19. @alex c
    dude, your awesome. you made me laugh during every comments page this week. keep it up man. your right, sony does have game. and i also love how pissed of xbots get. you have posted on irrelevant posts. i just love how some ppl ask, “what does that list have to do with this article?” hahhahahaha

  20. VofEscaflowne March 4, 2010 @ 12:30

    @Patrick Steen

    Ah okay, thanks for the info. I hadn’t followed much on the story and only heard about some people being fired. The fact that they merged those two studios can be a bit more reassuring I suppose, especially if WipEout is still something that may happen in the future. Who knows, maybe with some of the Motorstorm creators on board, they may bring something new to the table that freshens up the series.

    As for the topic at hand, would it be possible that David Jaffe is just being sarcastic with his blog post and that it is in fact something from their studio? I don’t know what the whole legal rights are on him blowing the lid off on that announcement but he still isn’t exactly confirming it either :p I’ll tune in tonight if I remember.

  21. Patrick Steen March 4, 2010 @ 12:31

    Come on Alex…we love you – but the Xbox is a worthy contender. Play up the positives =)

  22. Patrick Steen March 4, 2010 @ 12:32

    Jaffe’s game will be announced at E3 =)

  23. ^^ Twisted Metel bleh

  24. i wont, there arny many exepct the argument all the kids will use

    ‘all my friends are on it’ (live) trying to change that

    if the chip makers hadnt fuke dover sony so hard, ps3 would be inevery home in the states, they cant meet demand

    i seriously think

    microsoft have found what chips are needed to make ps3, brought hundreds apon thousends of them, and sent them to land fill, just so sony cant make the dam ps3.

    her about those factory fires in japan>>>> sabotage i smell a rat

    thats my theory.

    and recently, ive been sending death threats to mr aarongreenberg yes its a double aa…lol

    if he keeps putting out false xbox sales numbers like hes been doing, or using usa data to make it sound like xbox is winning all territories. when its not, ps3 been outseling it every month, sinse the pricedrop last september, worldwide.

    and he keep on and on and on about usa numbers.what a fool

    im from uk, have recently applied to be a tester at sony as well….

    also, i wrote to the head of naughty dog, and got a response the same day, im not even joking , hows that for customer greenberg…lol laughable really. after xboxs customer service records.;….,.;.;;.;.;.;.;.;

    also, when i wanted to apply for a job as a tester, i got an email the same thats pretty good as well…..

    big up playstation, they need the help, if xbox wasnt winning using such ‘corrupt ‘ techniques, i would’nt be helping sony. or least so much…

    il continue to pst this list, and hpefully add to it, all week, till god of war 3 comes out, then, il be in media black out mode, for another week.

    what do you think of my chip shortages theory, i know its true as well, thats the thing, no ones gonna say anything though fo fear of sueing the pants off their arse.

  25. also, david jaffes blog is exploding, numbers ncreasing every week, he must have a lot of fans,

    i rekon lots of people have played ‘the collection’ (god of war 1&2) like me, and now realise,when this man talks, you listn. he is god himself, twisted metal on psone …those were the days…….. i herd ace combat is coming e3, kinda niche game, but as ms niked the last one, and boasted about it, i will do the same for sony. hehe

  26. and about that list, i really cant take any out…as i know there all coming….
    i can only add to it
    sony meand busines now, theve been here a long long time, and they want to let people know that, this is why reach footage came out today…ms know there in trouble, they look very strong, il give you that, but so does wii….and we all know where thel be….if 1. they dont make gamer’s games, or 2. try to release wii 2., fans have all up and left, exept the v. few hardcore ..infatc they cant do anything to increase their rep’ with gamers,..they lost it….and nothing in their back catalog wil bring it back, not even star fox,… also, what a sham, ..from ninty,..nothing on mario galxy 2, then relase dates comes and its in 2 months. they must be briking it about sons wand, and brought their relases forward….or at least thy were spread out, and now there all before summer even hits, as after summer we all know sonys going all wand/3d. i personall, wont be devuldging into 3d, and am ordering a new pannasonic 32 inch er for god of war 3, well..its coming april1st, so god of war will be itting in its box for a week…u sony 40 incher is jut to big in my bedroom and hurts my eyes….just about acceptable for dvd/blu-rays, for anything else its too big ..too slow..and too dumb ….no game mode…screen lag….tooooo loooooong. lol.

  27. ^^ David Jaffe uses his fame as a game developer to get attention for his blog where he throws hissy-fits .

  28. omg, my speling, im really sorry,

    i hope my list makes up for it and puts similes on all your faces knowing your favs are coming back…..little by little….they are listening….

    you watched that new modnation trailer yet>???

  29. and by the way mr patrick steen….that soo cool youve been seeing my posts on other sites…..something i get moderated out’….. /hehe but i then i mod/change the post / list to kinda fit what there saying….and re-post. so the list might differ v.v.v. slightly from place to place, but the meat will still be there.

  30. yeh , david jaffe is funy, really though, have you played the collection>??? its poetry, pure, unadulterated filth, of a game, it sure beats out 90 percent of todays games. for gameplay and fun…and surely, thats the point.

  31. playstations 2 10 today and playstation as a brand is 15 years old, ……older than some (most) of todays gamers on live.

  32. and i swear the god of war embargo was off today…..too busy still playing ti to put the reviews out…i wondered why there was so little news from the industry as a whole this week

    all the artists and developes are playing god of war, to see how their games are gonna suk in comparison

    and all the people at the sites, suppost to be writing the reviews are over at cebit in germany,. clocking their new 40 inch set. and inspecting how heavy those new laptops they want to carry round for the next year are going to be.

  33. im getting tired im leaving now…. that last bits wrong, its usppost to read

    i wondered why there was so little news from the industry as a whole this week, exept from sony, where there been loads and loads and loads of games announced, some by me probably. lol.

  34. DUDE SPAMMING STOP !! seriously

  35. So here we go Twisted Metal and Resistance 3 are out, I highly doubt its Killzone 3 i think they will save it for E3, might be Motorstorm 3 or maybe Heavenly sword 2 was underdevelopment at some First party studio. but i am still rooting for HAZE 2 :), c’mon who’s with me.

  36. Geoff K. confirmed that the game is NOT Killzone 3 or MotorStorm 3.,,

  37. Also, it’s not Starhawk.

  38. “Patrick Steen
    March 4, 2010

    Jaffe’s game will be announced at E3 =)”

    I am now complete and this big announcement no longer haunts me.

  39. so we are left with what Heavenly Sword 2 or maybe LAIR 2, i hope its no PAIN 2, if it is then it will be Pain in the A**, and i hope all the big titles will be announced at E3, so this announcement is not major maybe a PSN title. i am losing interest now, so SONY go ahead surprise me

  40. then how about Media Molecule? sony just made them 1st party!

  41. kind of guessed it wouldnt be his game but that still leaves me with no clue to what the game will be

  42. Moocows111111 March 4, 2010 @ 15:25

    Socom 4 =/ its not really something to get excited about, might as well cross everything on the list

  43. It’s pretty obvious that it can’t be any game from sucker punch, since they’re 2nd party.
    Obviously wasn’t resistance from the get go (for the same reason).
    And since it’s official that Twisted Metal is out of the question, I’d say Naguty Dog is probably up to something.

    It’s WAAAY too soon for an Uncharted 3 announcement (even though we already know that they’ve started conceptualizing the game).

    I still think that there’s a sliver of hope for us Jak and Daxter fans. I really do.

  44. Motorstorm 3
    Twisted Metal 4
    Ace combat 7
    The mark of kri
    Uncharted 3
    Resistance 3
    Killzone 3
    God of war 3
    Gran turismo 5
    Grand theft auto 5
    syphon filter 5
    The last guardian
    infamous 2


  45. Aww no Twisted Metal : (

  46. DarkMatter17 April 5, 2010 @ 08:43

    I hope it’s naughty dog with a new crash bandicoot.

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