PlayStation 3 is Best Place to Play Mass Effect 2

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A lot of people will tell you that the Xbox 360 is the best place to play Mass Effect 2, after all, you can play it directly after getting through the original title and have all of your decisions transfer with you. However, with Mass Effect 2 on the PlayStation 3, you can still transfer the key decisions from the original, but you are also greeted with better visuals, premium DLC that comes packaged with the disc, and you don’t have to swap a disc mid-way through your journey.

Not to mention — BioWare has confirmed that Mass Effect 2 for PlayStation 3 is also utilizing the Mass Effect 3 engine.

“One of the first things you’re going to see is improved graphics,” said game producer Jesse Houston on the BioWare podcast.

“We actually created the engine for Mass Effect 3 and used that to make Mass Effect 2 PS3. So we took the content, the story and all of the other assets that made up Mass Effect 2 and we put it into the Mass Effect 3 engine.

“We’ve also gone ahead and made the experience much more solid on PS3,” he added. ” So for example the controls are geared towards the PS3 controller [although] you can switch it back to the old Xbox [layout] if you like. Other things like planet scanning have been improved; we’ve rolled up all of the patches; done a whole bunch of bug fixing.”

As someone who is a huge fan of the franchise, I have no doubt in my mind that every PlayStation 3 owner who doesn’t own a 360 should definitely pick this title up. ME2 releases in mid-January with a demo coming next week — so prepare to start saving the world as soon as possible.

Readers Comments (15)

  1. I would like to contend that PC is the best place to play ME2. 😉

    • @One-Shot
      well since i played me2 on my pc i cant agree with you, for the past few years pc semed like the last resort to buy youre games on, im actualy seriously planing on selling my parts cuz ewery six monghts a new cpu, gpu,… comes out and the old one loses waleu, and after a year my prewiously top of the line pc cant ewen run a game in 60frames and thats the sing for me to go sell the old shit, and bring in the new one, only to repeat the proces next year, and the year after that…
      i would say pc is the best place to play youre games ofline, but only if you hawe 1000 to 1500euros laying around the house, once a year,
      but id still recomend getting a console, and saving the money for a car or something more useful

  2. Right, because PC runs on the Mass Effect 3 engine.

    • ..and yet from the vids the PC version looks on par, if not better than PS3. Just saying its more accurate to say PS3: best place to play on console.(excluding being able to play ME1 on 360 of course)

      • No thanks, I’ll stay with what the developers have stated themselves.

        • Never said they didn’t use the ME3 engine. Just saying it doesn’t look any better than the PC version of ME2, but I will be sure to do a more solid comparison when the demo comes out.

  3. No, I’m saying I’ll stay with what the developers have stated…that the PS3 will be the best place to play ME2.

  4. Comparable graphics, no disk needed, ability to play ME1. Hmm I don’t know.

  5. PC VS Console it never ends

  6. It might ‘play better’ on PS3, but I can’t mod the UI or have my Shepard look how I want on a console because it lacks the tools. Of course that’s all personal preference; if you don’t give a shit about customization it could be better on PS3.

  7. Yaaaayyyyyy! its gonna be in 720p.

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