PS3 bundles sell out in only eight hours

Sony’s Black Friday PlayStation 3 bundles sold out in under eight hours, showing that the platform holder is well set for the holiday season.

This month’s NPD hardware sales results should be very interesting, with US consumers being turned on by retailer’s Black Friday PS3 bundles.

Amazon, BestBuy, GameStop, and Walmart each offered the 120GB PS3 Slim with two games or more for the standard $299 price. Though these type of bundles are common accross Europe, they seem to come once in a blue moon in the States, so they’ve sold like hot cakes.

These exclusive online and in-store bundles sold out across the country in around eight hours, with a few left in New York Best Buy stores.

So if you managed to pick one up, you’re a lucky sod.

Via PlayStation Lifestyle

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  1. wow seriously ? So much for the PS3 being a disaster

  2. @BlinkyEC

    Yeah I think “Sony should do a do over”*

    * Quote from Valve

  3. TheCodeNameisSnake November 28, 2009 @ 20:54

    What kind of deals did Microsoft have?

  4. @TheCodeNameisSnake they had some cheap ass madagascar bundle with the arcade version

  5. Well the PS3 had started to roll it’s like a heavy locomotive…nothing can’t stop it once it gains speed….Beware Xbots..better get off the road or get in the beast known as PS3.

  6. @9Y0, lol it’s true tbh. All I can say is…. Go Sony!

  7. Sony had the best lineup for 2009, and yet they have another stellar line up for 2010! God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Mag, The Last Guardian, The White Knight Chronicles! Some I can’t even remember and also 3 announced games! People are finally starting to realize that the PS3 truly is the The Beast from the Far East!

  8. it may have something to do with heavy rain, mag, modnation racers, god of war 3, grand turismo 5 and other games comming out next year for the ps3
    or because you get the best gaming console on planet and 2 games for only 299

  9. Sony’s developers just need to time to unleashed the fury within the PS3. Now the quality exclusives are rolling out and they’re being recognized.

  10. I waited outside BestBuy dor 3 hours in the freezing rain on Friday to get my PS3. They had 2 cylindrically shaped “towers” of the PS3. One was the bundle, one was not. both towers were gone by the time I left. As far as I could tell, there was no pile of pyramid or something on xboxes and I only saw 2 sold.

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