Confirmed: PS3 Firmware 3.15 dated and detailed

Just a little smidgen of news for you today. We’re getting reports that the PlayStation 3’s firmware 3.15 will be released very soon.

Firmware 3.10 brought limited Facebook integration and a fix for the ugly friends list. The unconfirmed firmware 3.15 will bring…well we don’t know.

[UPDATE] – All we know is that there should be fixes for controller pairing, the ability to transfer data between two PS3’s linked with an Ethernet cable (converting saves should be easier now), and PSP minis will now be…playable on PS3s.

The firmware, rumoured on Neogaf, is said to be posted in only two days time on December 10th.

Could this be the PS3 firmware update we’ve been waiting for? We doubt that it’s time for cross-game voice chat, since Sony would most likely have given the update a more significant collection of digits.

Our friends at TheSixthAxis have also brought us news that Sony will update the PlayStation Store on the 22nd December this Christmas and then over two weeks later on January 7th.

[UPDATE 2] – This firmware update has now been confirmed by Sony Europe. Find details on its key features on page 2.

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  1. the ability to transfer data between 2 ps3’s?? if this is what i think it is, this might be great, i think this was an issue with some people if i remember right

  2. Hope they start making Ethernet Cables in 1/4 mile increments cuz I dont plan on picking up my fragile big black box to take over to a friends, and risk dropping or damaging anytime soon.

  3. what i really want to see is a real media player. sure out of the box it “does everything” but why not give us a REAL music application like itunes or a sony equivalent? having a library larger than a few hundred songs is difficult to manage and for a device that boasts having such high quality quality media components, it should have capable software to back them up.

  4. Play PSP minis on the PS3??? Awesome!!

  5. Some very interesting mini’s 2 buy! 😀

  6. disappointed in the update ;(
    Was hoping for something else too.
    Like.. more video codecs? but i guess its just an optional update. Wont be updating till 3.20 then.

    note: no 2nd ps3.. or do i buy psp-minis.

  7. We’ve only talked about the key features, there may be more.

  8. To #3, wasn’t it already announced a month or so ago that Sony is developing a music service like iTunes for the PS3?

  9. Freaking sweet. I guess they thought of people who were upgrading to slims

  10. you have to buy a data cable for xbox to do that last one….ahaha at great expense….nice one sony, another freebee… face book is great cant w8 to start that up…..colour friends cards good…. now wheres my new play tv with the new high deff standard just introduced the other day, (i herd tha on bc click 2 days ago..- fresh news!)

  11. I’ve only got one word to say about all the recent updates ..

    AVATARS!! !

  12. woopdie fuggin dooooooooo

  13. @alex c
    Its really sad that in order for you to enjoy this news, you have to bash the 360.

  14. So the ability to play PSP minis on PS3 eh? I have my PSP for that so not really that fussed lol.

    As for everything else there it’s just the same old. I wonder when we’ll be getting some more avatars, as promised by SCEE……..

  15. Great, they bring out that feature just before my PS3 goes off to sony to be repaired. In the time it has been broken, my housemate has bought his own ps3 and has lost all his save games and stuff from my PS3 including his 1 day+ play time on COD and all his stats are lost.

  16. Psp minis on the ps3. Sweet. Now they need to make the ability to run psp games on ps3 as well

  17. hows about fixing the video output to hdmi and component at the same time.
    im sick of changing the options for different tvs.

  18. Does this improve the BC? I wanna play Digital Devil Saga on my 60 gb PS3 properly.

  19. Does this mean that games for the mini can be bought and played on the PS3 without having to buy one? So i can play Peace Walker on the PS3 instead of buying a PSP?

  20. I hope I will be able to turn on my PS3 with my DS3 now. I (and many others) have had syncing problems since 3.10

  21. Does transfer of info mean the transfer of trophies too? That and voice chat is all I want. Sony screwed my account over and wont help me and typing msg is so old school compared to vocue msg like on 360.

  22. i have a question. The ethernet transfer thingy, will it allow me to transfer saves which say “Not allowed”? Like demons souls and dragon age saves? I just got a new harddrive and i dont want to start the games all over again. So will this ethernet connection let me transfer those save files?

  23. Cross-game chat??????????/

  24. hopefully it fixes the syncing with controllers, and the syncing of trophies problems.
    im really starting to get sick of having to plug in my controller and sit 2 inches away from my TV.
    rang sony yesterday about these issues, FAT help that was.
    as usual they just played dumb pretending these issues are not happening.
    ive got a good mind to get my money back for the 4 controllers i bought.
    i did not spent 400 bucks for wireless controllers to end up having to plug them in if i want to use them.
    if i wanted to do that i could of bought 4 PS2 adapters for 40 bucks and done the same thing.
    only sony could get away with breaking something, than charge you to fix their fuck up.

  25. What i would really like to see, is an update which will allow us to use out own picture as an avatar. I am sick of those crap made up avatars. Also if they can make I-tunes for the PS3 it will be sick. Too bad i can’t use the features of 3.10 because I can’t sync my trophies for some reason. I try over and over again, but i says some error 80328854…… BLA BLA……

  26. dead_zombies: I’m afraid not.

  27. alright. Thank you

  28. Though we’re getting reports that you can…

  29. @ toby when my ex smashed my first ps3 stupid bitch i thought i had lost all info for online play got a new ps3 started to set-up my online profile again and noticed the option to use an existing account so did that and got all online info again including rank and achievements on COD even was able to d/l map pack again for free only thing i lost was game saves offline

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