Red Dead Redemption PS3 renders at 644p

Red Dead Redemption enjoys a high-definition rendering resolution on the Xbox 360, but like Grand Theft Auto 4, shoots for a lower resolution on the PlayStation 3. Rockstar hasn’t quite got the knack of PS3 development, despite Redemption being a mighty fine looking sandbox game. Red Dead Redemption sports the same sub-HD resolution as its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto 4, on the PlayStation 3.

As reported by…oh wait, me at CVG, Red Dead Redemption natively renders at the equivalent of 644p or 640×1152 pixels. That’s the same resolution as the PS3’s Grand Theft Auto 4 and puts it on a 20 per cent disadvantage compared to the Xbox 360 game. This resolution was confirmed by the busy pixel counters of the Beyond 3D technical forums.

Still the framerate’s good, the graphics impressive and, most importantly ,the gameplay is brilliant. Red Dead Redemption looks like a must buy no matter the platform of choice. Find our Red Dead Redemption screenshot gallery here.

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  1. Moocows111111 May 18, 2010 @ 17:15

    Ouch 644p? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter as much, as long as the game produces a long lasting entertainment duration then I’ll be fine. I just hope that it could’ve gone just a step farther in the resolution department. Besides RD:Redemption gets a ps3 exclusive content to boot XD

  2. Meh, no big deal to me. I would rather have the extra DLC.

  3. Lucky me I’m one of the 3 people that didn’t buy the game yet, and I’m not going to get it right now.

  4. how the hell is this still happening? .. sony put effort into the console to crearte the best console on the market, and we know it can perform better, yet developers keep dumbing it down to be on par with the 360s outdate and limited hardware.. which in term always results in the ps3 version inferior.. when really, it should be the 360 suffering due to its limits.. what should be happening is “ok we want to make the best game to date, lets make a monster, oh wait the 360’s hardware and disk space wont allow that.. oh well the ps3 can so lets give it all the content or lets up the textures and resolution and just cram what we can on the 360” but instead its “great idea guys lets do this, oh wait theres not enough disk space on the 360.. it wouldnt be fair to only cut things from the 360 after sony have went out of there way to bring people this console.. lets just remove the games cities so we can make them the same”.. bs..

    -_- i was really looking forward to this game

  5. So, exactly the same as GTA IV which ran and looked fine?

    No dramas here. Can’t wait 😀

  6. Moocows111111 May 18, 2010 @ 18:57

    Wow seriously whats wrong with you guys? Lewis and MrPriest, its not a big deal at all, its compensated for ps3 exclusive content XD

  7. Doominator99 May 19, 2010 @ 03:00

    i am getting sick of developers not bothering to make the ps3 version equal all it takes is to find the problem and fix it, how hard can it be? but instead they just release it anyway. i know it is only a small difference but i think the ps3 has had enough inferior multiplats becasuse of lazy developers.

  8. Still a nice game and I think that resolution will not spoil the game for Ps3 users, like FF13 on 360…. I enjoyed GTA4

  9. @Doominator99
    I agree. One of the reasons why I stop purchasing multi platform games.

  10. This game has some issues that drive me up a wall, like disappearing horses, friends self, network dc’s and connection errors and easy confusion good guy bad guy situations. Everything is extremely blurry for me I feel bad for people on SDTV’s overall this game lacks a lot for the hype behind it.

  11. @lewis Right on!
    Another game washed down because of the Xbox 3Shitty.

  12. lewis becouse ps3 isnt the best console on the market . Yet it has a nice BD Player but thats all . Hardware is inferior and the gpu is just a slow little crap. Even the cell cant handle everything . Disk space will not change the graphic power becouse first you need the power to render more hi-res content and ps3 dosent have it . Deal with it . I think that almost all developers knowing hardware of this two toys (x360 and ps3) will agree .

  13. 9Y0 then why on 360 its running well in full 720p mode and on ps3 not ?? Stop blaming this hardware and maybe you’ll need to think a little more about ps3’s hardware becouse its the only console with lots of inferior multiplatform games .
    Doominator99 yes its problem becouse ps3’s gpu is in almost all terms inferior to 360’s and its hard to keep rendering the same content on ps3 as good like the 360 does . Cell is good for postprocessing and vertex/geometry thing that will help a little the poor gpu ,but its still not enough .

  14. No problem, its a Rockstar game… Which will never enter any of my consoles again!

  15. wow you guys are such little babies
    fuckin cry more jeez

  16. Wow…. Just wow, these articles really bring out the cry-babies and the 360 fanboys. Oh wait, they are one in the same.

  17. krazytrixxxsta June 12, 2010 @ 15:17

    thank god for the uncharted and the god of war ps3 exclusive franchises, those games show what the ps3 is capable of. there no need for the games graphic to be dumb down just cause the 360 cant handle it.

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