Rocksteady: Open-world Arkham City ‘an awful lot of work’

Rocksteady’s Sefton Hill has said creating an open-world Batman: Arkham City was “an awful lot of work,” but hasn’t put the studio off working on a similar game in the future.

During an interview with the Guardian, the game director spoke of the London studio’s decision to go open-world with The Dark Knight’s latest outing.

“When we started the game we didn’t sit down and say ‘Let’s make an open world game’,” he said. “We looked at what we be a fun game to make and a fun game to play.

“That’s what drove the open world decision. If we felt there was a story that was worth telling for a character that didn’t involve an open world, we’d do that. It’s more about what we think is a good fit, what will be fun and what gets the team inspired, rather than picking a genre for the sake of it.”

He added: “It was an awful lot of work – no doubt about that – there was a lot of late nights and a lot of weekend working, but we think it was all worth it. So that would never put us off a similar experience in the future.”

Arkham City has so far managed to ship more than 4.6 million copies worldwide, selling 2 million since its October 18 release. It’s available now for PlayStation 3, as well as Xbox 360.

PlayStation University’s Joe Garcia graded it an A+ in his recent review.