Rumour: First Killzone 3 info next month

Guerrilla Games’ first person shooter Killzone 2 may have been over-shadowed by Uncharted 2 by the end of 2009, but it was still one of the year’s best games. It might also have been a long time in the making, but with the game’s impressive PlayStation 3 engine already complete, it may not be too long until we see Killzone 3.

A PSU (that’s Universe, and not the superior University by the way) Forum member named SkiTh has teased that soon he, and possibly Sony, will be able to bring Killzone 3 info to our eyes and ears. He writes:

Oh, by the way, I will have a LOT of Killzone 3 news next month.

His reliablity is measured on his statement that he writes for a number of gaming websites and has access to promotional review copies of all the latest unreleased games – proved by screenshots in the PSU thread.

You might be thinking that there’s no chance that Killzone 3 could come out this year or even in early-2011, but if you remember that Killzone 2 was finished by December 2008, December 2010 will fit in with the typical two-year development time scale that Guerrilla Games is expected to fit into now that their PS3 engine is complete (just like Naughty Dog). P.S. We are almost certain that Guerrilla’s next game will be Killzone 3.

There’s also news of other PS3 exclusives today, with Insomniac hiring for their next project, and Eutechnyx (Ferrari Challenge) is teasing their own. We have our own news on two PS3 exclusives (one announced, one unannounced) but it may be some time before we can spill that for you. Over and out.

[UPDATE] – SkiTh has added more information to his knowledge of Killzone 3:

Sony’s plans for the financial year will be revealed around late February/early March and if Killzone 3 is a part of that plan you can expect to see a lot of news about the game.

This is what I heard: There was talk of trying to release the game by the end of 2010 to compete with Halo: Reach. I personally doubt that this will happen. I am almost certain we will see Killzone 3 Feb/March 2011. I can shed some more light on this next month.

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  1. just tell us plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol
    can u at least tell us if it is gonna be a tittle worth waiting for/

  2. Come one, tell us about unannounced game, don’t be afraid of the reaction. besides it is better to be first one to talk about it AND if you are afraid how haters will react, fuk them! It is “rumor” after all.

  3. Bring on KZ3 and improve the online with customizable guns and classes and with smaller maps for tactical firefights and big maps for massive assaults and defends.

  4. bring on Killzone 3 with more guns for online play, and mechs, bring on the mechs to online

  5. Ha. I can’t talk about it guys because I contractually can’t yet 🙂

  6. God (gaming god), I hope so. I loved Killzone 1. It was by far my most played online FPS last gen. Killzone 2 was absolutely astounding. My personal favorite FPS of all time so far, and really ruined all other FPSs for me. For example, I loved CoD4. but as soon as I got into the Killzone 2 beta, CoD became an absolute joke for me when it comes to balance and realism of movement and weapon performance. I havn’t even bothered with any other FPS since Killzone 2, and I really doubt I will buy another until Killzone 3. Which is actually good, because it’s given me much more money to spend on other genres.

    I had only 1 single disappointment with Killzone 2, and that was that it didn’t have online co-op for at least 2 players through the campaign. The game just seemed perfectly set up for co-op, it actually felt like it was just….missing. Online, Killzone 2 is by far the best online FPS I’ve ever experienced, bar none. My only complaint about the online was that the mics were only squad plus proximity. I much would have prefered open mic to the whole team plus proximity with the opposing team.

    I expect Killzone 3 in early 2011, and I’m praying it has co-op through the campaign this time.

  7. lemme guess.. LOD 2 ?

  8. Nice and GO PSU (Penn State!)

  9. Ah, gotta love Sikth bringing the good stuff. Can’t wait to hear more.

  10. ps3rainsupreme January 23, 2010 @ 14:13

    i think to solve the problem of being outshadowed by a holiday release title they should release it this december

  11. ps3rainsupreme January 23, 2010 @ 14:15

    im more excited for resistance 3 i predict both games will show at e3 this june and resistance will come out this november and killzone 3 next febuary just like last time

  12. PS3 games that need to be annoced

    kingdom hearts 3
    sly cooper 4
    jak and daxter 4
    resistnce 2
    killzone 3
    Patapon PS3
    Ape Escape PS3

    does anyone agree??

  13. lets go KH3!

  14. Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 late 2010/early 2011!

  15. It’s both Lock&Key and Resistance 3 from Insomniac Games, I bet they are.

  16. wow killzone 3 u dont know the countless hours i spent playing killzone 2 and being astounding by its graphics and physics!!! honestly there was a point where i would come frm work and have to play at least 3 hours everyday lol and for me thats alot!!! Modern warfare 2 i like but really it doesnt compare and i havent put that many hours into it. Between uncharted 2 online and killzone 2 thats where the majority of my time has been spend!!! lol I would never give up being a sony faithfull they just always innovate and offer top quality

  17. blacksharinganx January 23, 2010 @ 15:53

    ISA SIFALI! (epic theme song lol)

  18. EXACTLY! People say that its a 2009 game so the next game won’t come out until 2011! BUT! It was early 2009 and it was 99.9% finished by December 2010. They did next to nothing (in terms of development and tweaking) in 2009! December 2010 release I think! GG have probably noticed how much KK2 got forgotten about in GOTY awards! November/December 2010 OR 2011

  19. I’m pumped !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GOOOO HELGAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. oh for the love of god please bring on the KZ3, i still love playing on KZ2 MP, but i would love to see waht they could do with the next one

  21. wow i hope this is guy is not lying but due to gurrila games quote ” were not done wih the ps3″ it wouldn’t surprise me with a killzone 3 announcement plus infamous 2 and resistance 3 and twisted metal ps3 and agent footage and possibly ,hoping, praying for syphon filter ps3.

  22. at # 15 ” Lock & Key ” ? thats the other Insomniac game?

  23. i certainly doubt it would be announced next month, let alone be released this year.
    has everyone forgotten GG are still working on their engine?
    am i the only one who downloaded the bullet demo off the PSN just after the games release?
    listen to the commentary the developers say theres heaps of new tech they wanted to put into killzone 2 but did not have the time to do so, because of that they intended to do so once killzone 2 DLC had been completed.
    so no the engine has not been finished.
    i doubt we will see a KZ2 announcement till E3 this year at the absolutely earliest!
    and dont forget sonys tradition.
    announce a game, release no info for at least a year, than release a small snippet, than give a release date and delay the game 15 times from its original release date to final.
    ala killzone 2, HAZE, GT5, heavy rain ,ect.

  24. Like any second game the engine continues to evolve. But two years is plenty of time to continue developing an engine and design the game -this happens in tandem with a team of around 100 people.

    Sadly that’s not Sony’s tradition. Killzone 2 was announced before the PS3 released.

  25. Oh my GOD! Can’t wait for it xD

  26. @22: It’s their rumored survival horror IP. I’m just going off what I’ve HEARD.

    In other words, it’s not a fact just yet. Just like this article really.

  27. Ive yet to complete KZ2 offline!!!

  28. sorry to bump post, but was the dig @ psu needed ?

  29. meh KZ2 didnt do it for me….i played 3 hours of it and let a friend borrow it…then sold it….

    what a waste!

  30. Doominator99 May 9, 2010 @ 07:56

    No wobbling screens when you move around… that is all

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