Sledgehammer: “We’ll probably cancel” action-adventure Call of Duty

When Activision formed Sledgehammer Games in 2009, it came with the news that the studio would be developing a third-person, action-adventure game in the Call of Duty series. It was an interesting direction for the series, but when they shifted their focus to helping Infinity Ward develop next month’s Modern Warfare 3, the game fell out of the public conscious.

But with work on MW3 all but wrapping up, people have begun asking for updates on this mystery Call of Duty title. The word from company CEO, however, is less-than-optimistic.

“We’ll probably cancel it,” Schofield said to CVG in an interview. “They gave us the choice of: do you want to work on Modern Warfare 3, or do you want to continue working on this? And we really liked that. We liked what we were doing. It third person, probably set at a time that might have niched it too much. I bet that if we had kept going, within a month or two I probably would have switched the time period, but kept the gameplay. It had some really cool stuff.”

Asked about the possibility of the studio working on another project after MW3, Schofield didn’t make any promises:

“I think the best thing that could happen for Activision would be for us to both go off and make our own game. Whether that’s a Call of Duty game or not is up in the air. I plan to continue working on Call of Duty.”

Source: Game Informer