Sony believes it’s responsible for cutting edge games

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SCE UK Sales Director Mark Housen has stated that it is Sony’s and the industry’s job to promote cutting edge, commercially risky games to gamers. This should come as no surprise considering Sony has a long history of taking chances on innovative titles whether they end up selling well or not. A few examples of this can been seen this generation with LittleBigPlanet and Heavy Rain and last generation with titles like Ico and SotC.

Speaking MCV, Housen states, “It’s one of the roles of a platform holder,” SCE UK sales director Mark Howsen told MCV. “We’ve got to do that, to push boundaries as well as pushing strong franchises across their various iterations.

“Ultimately, the industry is dependent on creativity, new product and new ideas. As soon as we stop doing that then we’re all in trouble.”

Of course, not everything always pans out when you put your neck on the line and expect a profitable return. Housen realizes that, but still feels that it’s necessary to provide those unique experiences to gamers at all levels.

“Sony has a bit of history with this sort of thing,” UK PR boss David Wilson added. “Ico is the shining example where we did something that was critically acclaimed but only did, I think I’m right, three figure sales in its first week and 50,000 overall.

“It was unbelievable. Journalists were dumbfounded. They rung me up. They were devastated. All those great reviews but it just didn’t capture the public’s imagination. As a platform holder we have to invest in new IP. Even with Ico, years later it’s still being held up as one of the best games ever made, one of the top five on PS2. The sequel did better.

“The same questions were asked of Heavy Rain and it’s fantastic that it was eventually a success. I was also amazed that we beat the French, too. They’re often quite parochial with their own games.”

Are you guys glad that Sony often puts its neck on the line by offering titles most other companies aren’t willing to give a chance?

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  1. I’d believe it. I think it’s a combination of Sony’s complicated PS3 hardware and hard-working developers who overcome the complication that makes a great game. I like how Sony supports cutting-edge games. It makes you realize that with Sony it’s not just about the money.

  2. I’m glad they do it. I didn’t buy SotC, but Ico was brilliant. I’m hoping recent rumours about a God of War style HD makeover for Ico and SotC turn out to be true, because I’d certainly buy it.

  3. Personally I think all 1st party devs in general on either platform have been taking risks to distinguish themselves from the competition.

    Though right now I’m noticing Sony are the ones really trying to push the industry forward followed closely behind by Nintendo.
    Microsoft however from what I’m seeing is just playing it safe and aren’t willing to take risks if it means a risk of gaining no profit.

  4. ico and shadow of the colosus are games like no other
    there isnt a game like it

  5. in other words:

  6. As long as they keep the awesome exclusives coming im happy . I think they’ve really redeemed themselves from their poor 2006 launch

  7. VofEscaflowne June 1, 2010 @ 16:25

    I think Sony is doing a great job at pleasing the casual crowd and the hardcore gamers as well. I still think Nintendo is the leader with taking risks though since the Wii was totally different to the competition but paid off immensely, as proven by Microsoft and Sony trying to branch out in different paths and appeal to the new gamers the Wii brought in. I doubt neither will prove to be as successful as Nintendo in that department but I’m still very satisfied with Sony as a whole this generation.

  8. @VofEscaflowne: Well, at first they were. The launch of the nintendo wii was a HUGE step into the unknown but we haven’t really seen games that aren’t what we already know (Mario?, Zelda?. . good stuff, just more of the same).

    On the other hand, I think Sony is one of the few publishers that takes risks in the best interest of gamers. Heavy Rain being the prime exmple for that.

  9. Most certainly the innovators of the industry. While motion control was the “big innovation” of this generation, sony was toying with it last generation and will prove they had the head start with release of the move by crushing both forms of competition as the synergy of both. Sony takes risks, neither MS or Nintendo do this and Sony will always resurface as the leader of console gaming, even if they have a fluke start as they did this generation.

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