Sony closes the gap on Microsoft; 2.9 million difference

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During the entire year of 2010, gamers have watched and witnessed monthly NPD numbers come and go, utilizing the information to fuel the console war debate of which console has sold the most units. Today, with the release of Sony’s official figures and with Microsoft releasing its figures a couple of days ago, it’s quite evident who has sold more thus far in 2010. In surprising fashion, despite Microsoft staking claim to a dominant North American marketshare, Sony has actually closed the gap between the two by a million units, bringing the differential to 2.9 million.

According to Sony, they have sold 3.5 million consoles through September ’10s second quarter–which brings its total units sold through 2010 to roughly 8 million. In comparison, Microsoft has sold roughly 5.5 million consoles in 2010, a number which is staggeringly lower than Sony’s.

Currently the worldwide numbers for units sold sits as follows:

Xbox 360: 44.5 million
Sony PS3: 41.6 million

As you can see, the gap is closing quickly and those who predicted that perhaps Sony may take over Microsoft’s share lead by the end of 2010 aren’t looking so foolish. With Sony still yet to release Gran Turismo 5 this Holiday season and Microsoft with Kinect in its back pocket releasing next week, it definitely makes this Holiday season dash one worth watching.


Readers Comments (10)

  1. I have high hopes for Sony but i think Microsoft might take this Holiday season. Microsoft will cut the price even more and Sony won’t. So microsoft will most likely sell even more units.

  2. Kinect is going to widen the gap, and I don’t think GT5 will be able to make up for it.

  3. personally have never been into the whole console wars thing, but i will say one thing. Kinect is gonna bomb so hard, its not even funny. oh well, it just seems kind of sad they spent that whole time trying to copy sony’s eye toy when it could have been better spent grabbing new gaming ip’s, or something IMHO

  4. witch will boost more console sales this holyday season?
    gt5 with 1000+ cars and 200mph drifts
    or Kinect with Milo and the Big Red Balls

  5. It’s game over for MS this christmas. They might have that crap Kinect and all their marketing, but they’re all done for with GT5. It will be a STELLAR seller in Europe. They better bundle a 320Gb with GT5.

  6. Splitting Void October 29, 2010 @ 19:53

    Kinect is going to suck. Dancing like a queef? Hitting fat red balls? Poking a Kinectimal for fun? At least Move’s got support for triple-A titles. All of Kinect’s games honestly look like time-wasting trash that belongs in a weak iTouch App and knowing Microsoft’s hardware history it’s going to glitch and mess up like hell and they’re just going to keep money-milking their sheep. Honestly, what kind of serious game do you expect to play with this? Oh so you want to be able to kick in your fighting games? I bet the Kinect can hardly even track forward kicks. BTW that Project Natal trailer was fake and heavily edited. It’s only shown the ability to track you jumping and spreading your legs wide and hoping it hits a ball headed for your feet. Yeah, you could totally drop some 2-foot gremlin with a kick like that. Kinect is an unbelievably lame waste of money that’s just meant to grab some quick cash and new 360 buyers.

  7. @Splitting Void, Thorzilla
    my comment was more of a joke, remember that there is a big casual market, and not just that, parents will buy cheep stuff for their children like they do with the wii, and lets not forget microsoft is good at marketing stuff(halo:odst is a good exsample)
    and the curent buggs and gliches you see in showcases will not be seen in the final product, and if so they will come with patches that will ewentualy fix all of that
    yes, it does hawe no true potential for hardcore gamers and uses a gimic that could hawe worked better, but lets not forget that nintedndo wii is doing the same thing and selling like crack despite having only a pathetic 5 AAA games

  8. Splitting Void October 30, 2010 @ 20:26

    @Reigen, you may be right. But I hope people realize that Kinect is garbage before they spend $150 or so on something so lame. It’s so lame that even their star wars game and their posing-to-hit-the-balls game are on rails because they have no way of actually moving around without a controller and it’s probably going to mess up their Kinect games if they try to implement a controller into them as well, because the camera will pick up the movements of your controller and do unintended things in the game. The concept is OK, but the technology isn’t sophisticated enough to handle doing it right, and knowing MS, they’re going to do a great job advertising and a sloppy job on quality control.

  9. @Splitting Void
    yea, i know
    there is a wery good reason why motion capture requires you to hawe focus points on youre mocap suit,(or in this case a ball on youre move controler) because the acuracy just isnt there without them
    (sadly)working controler-less gameplay is just not posible with current technology

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