Sony: Gran Turismo 5 takes your breath away

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Gran Turismo 5 has finally been truly released upon the world to an extent and with it, all of the doubt is finally over. Despite taking half of a decade to hit retail shelving, the game is here to stay and Sony says that it “takes your breath away.”

As someone who spent five hours with Gran Turismo 5 yesterday, I can confirm that the game is everything it’s advertised to be. Driving from day time to night time racing while fireworks are sent off in the backdrop is an insane feeling to race to. It does do just as Sony says, takes your breath away.

Sony UK’s Boss Ray Maguire recently talked to Eurogamer about Gran Turismo 5 and was questioned about its relevancy in today’s gaming world — though it was a preposterous question, Maguire replied anyways.

“I didn’t know until I saw it,” Sony UK boss Ray Maguire told Eurogamer.

“Like you I was thinking, well, the world has moved on a little bit, social gaming has emerged, people are accepting smaller, bite-sized bits of gaming at very low value. Then I saw it, I saw the detail of it, and it does take your breath away. You go, ‘Oh my God, now I understand it.’ ”

Maguire isn’t lying either. Until I got my hands on the finished product, I really didn’t understand the true underlying hype for GT5, but once it was in my PlayStation 3 and I was skimming through the menu and checking out the vehicles, it all just clicks. You realize that Gran Turismo 5 is the culmination of 2000+ days of hard work — something that doesn’t take place in this industry anymore — and you see the fruits of that labor in front of you.

“We have to understand that the gaming landscape has changed and recognise that, but at the end of the day, I want it all. I don’t just want Angry Birds and Doodle Jump, I want Gran Turismo as well. Consumers will decide what they want to entertain themselves with at a certain point in time. Some of it will be a deep experience, some of it will be a very casual experience, but they’ll all fit together in a wider universe.

“Clearly one of the games which was very important for PS2 was Gran Turismo,” he said. “It took the machine to the limits, and it continued to do that all the way through to the last iteration.

“What’s interesting is that there’s been nothing until now on GT. That’s because the hardware that we have now allows for so much more freedom. The passion and the drive for excellence that Kazunori has is taking him all the way through to try and push the technology we have now.”

Gran Turismo 5 has already hit shelves in plenty of places — if it hasn’t for you yet, I suggested going to wait outside in line…it’s worth it.

Readers Comments (5)

  1. I. want. this. game. BRING ON THE REVIEWS! NAO.

  2. you have to unlock mechanical and damage modeling through the career lol

  3. WHERE ARE ALL THE STANDARD CARS???? i can only find the premium cars, can someone email me at or reply, thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This game does not take your breath away. It’s a disappointment.

  5. Hey David, any thoughts on the game? The reviews provided by other sources have been disappointing, not because of the scores they give, but because of the inaccuracy in the amount of things they’ve “reviewed”. Like poor damage implementation when they themselves were not aware that damage implementation were scaled down at low level so as to not be a game breaking feature, as crashes are uber expensive.

    Not expecting a full review, but a first impression of the game will be fine.

    Nice reading your blog.

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