Sony hits 50 million PS3s sold worldwide, 8 million Move units

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that since the official launch in 2006, the PlayStation 3 has reached over 50 million units sold worldwide, with the PlayStation Move coming in at 8 million.

“The PlayStation Move has been incredibly successful since its launch, and we’re particularly impressed with the positive response we’re seeing from both the casual and hardcore gaming audience,” said SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton. “The momentum behind PlayStation is accelerating, and with more than 8 million PlayStation Moves sold we know people are enjoying the most accurate motion gaming experience available today. Coupled with our stereoscopic 3-D entertainment offering, PS3 continues to provide the most immersive gaming experience for consumers.”

In comparison, the competing Xbox 360 just reached 50 million units globally this last January, launching a full year ahead of the PS3 in 2005. The PS3 still has a way to go however if it is to catch up with it’s predecessor the PS2, which sitting at over 150 million units sold.

50 million consoles on the market is still an impressive number and as we sink further into 2011, it will be interesting to see how the sales numbers come out at the end of the year.

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  1. It would be interesting to see how the ps2 did in this point in time back then. Congratulations to Sony! Now give me MGS:R and MGS4:Existance!

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