Sony is saving “PLENTY!!!” for E3

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Following the announcement of LittleBigPlanet 2 (watch its announcement trailer here) many have questioned why Sony didn’t hold the game back for E3. The more mind blowing game announcements the better, right? Though we’re extremely excited about the “f***ing powerful” LittleBigPlanet 2 here at PlayStation University, it’s best to spread things out if Sony has other games to announce. It looks like the PlayStation platform holder has plenty up its sleeve.

Within the LittleBigPlanet 2 comments section on the Official PlayStation Blog, SCEA’s PR Manager Eric Levine responds to an excited gamer’s question on what Sony is saving for E3. His reply is the teasing and similarily excitable comment: “PLENTY!!!”

That’s three exclamation points folks; quite the emphasis of Sony’s E3 (!!!) Maybe that’s a point per new game announcement? Or maybe we’re under- or over-estimating the press conference? Have your say in the comments section.

Readers Comments (25)

  1. i was hoping you guys had some rumor or something…

  2. Patrick Steen May 10, 2010 @ 17:49

    Oh, that’s to come hgh 😉

  3. Patrick Steen May 10, 2010 @ 17:50

    …and it’s more than a rumour.

  4. I hope they dont leak more games, then it would be so stupid if they go: “AND NOW HERE IS THE GAME THAT ALL HAVE YOU BEEN WAITING FOR, LITTLE BIG PLANET 2!!!”


  5. Awesome! Will we have to wait for a long time 🙂 ?

  6. Hope they’re announcements that fill up the RPG column of all the major websites. It’s been lacking, PS3 and PSP alike.

  7. lol I am sure e3’s gonna flood with tears of joy but I wonder just how deep the ocean of tears can go =D

  8. if sony announces killzone 3 then everything else is a bit redundant because the word killzone strikes a cord in peoples heart, especially haters and doubters. so if sony announces killzone 3 and shows a trailer or gameplay then all attendants of e3 can go home because nothing will top it on a technological level with all its attributes. nothing to this day has topped killzone 2, not even crysis on pc. crysis on pc has topped killzone 2 in graphics but isnt up to par with killzone 2s animation, physics , ai and other things .

    xbl/psn- dylantalon

  9. Are you teasing us Mr Steen? just thought id point out sleave – sleeve. 🙂

  10. Please let it be PSP2 with a holiday launch!

  11. There’s so much Sony can show us: The Agency, Agent, inFAMOUS 2, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, new ND game, LBP2, Sony Move, ugh, I can’t take it all.

    Here’s hoping for an inFAMOUS 2 announcement and more info on LBP2.

  12. i have no doubts sony will wow us and i’am looking forward to their reveals plus if killzone 3 is announced eat your freaking heart out crysis 2 also HI @dylantalon from n4g 🙂

  13. Moocows111111 May 10, 2010 @ 20:03

    I’ll probably crap my pants, I get poorer every year with all these games !

  14. Man I’m still hoping for some final fantasy 13 versus gameplay.

  15. My guess for the three (!!!), Motorstorm 3, Resistance 3 and Killzone 3. That is all.

  16. People really think Sony is done, Sony has a lot to still show to world – even though they don’t have to keep proving that they have better products than Microsoft. Microsoft needs to worry about getting their act together with their broken system.

  17. I’ll be happy if we don’t get another load of generic yawn FPS announced.

  18. Im excited, I almost belive we’ll be seeing a cinematic trailer for uncharted 3. To keep people on the edge and tell us that it’s on its way x]

  19. Man these are awesome time, i see SONY has learned of their previous mistakes. Announcing almost all their games before E3.

    Then when E3 arrived the hype was over. Its good that they announced LBP 2 now, Get the casual gamers something to look forward to.. and heck who knows. Maybe steal some of the casual gamers from wii as well.

    Its gonna be a good year for Sony at E3. Call it a hunch

  20. you mean they’ve got plenty to talk about sales and target:/

  21. …just hearing how LBP can be able to make RTS games……and thats just one game 0_0

    sony is such a BEAST this year

  22. Please Killzone 3, & Resistance 3 & please make the Move afforadable

  23. I better be seeing Resistance 3 at E3 or I will lose all hope in Sony.

  24. Great news. Hopefully we get a release date for Gran Turismo 5 and some new information on The Last Guardian.

    @people asking for Killzone 3 and Resistance 3
    Aren’t you guys bored with shooters? I’m not bashing KZ3 or R3 (I’m positive they’ll be awesome) but show some love for The Last guardian.

  25. I think so too. Sony might have loads news at E3, and this is the first time in many years that we are not getting any leaks before sony conference, its a strak contrast from previous years. inFamous 2, Crysis 2 developers would be Looking out KZ3, which i think will topple their claims of best graphics on console. Motorstorm 3. Resistance 3 for me resistance franchise is all about story, damn curios to know what happens to hale and capelli next. and yes MOVE games

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