Sony: MAG has sold over half-a-million copies

S.V.E.R., Valor and Raven have all taken part in the Shadow War for the past 2 weeks with no clear cut winner. While many have chosen to do battle within S.V.E.R., Valor and Raven have both held its grounds strong.

Today, Jack Tretton announced that over 500,000 people have registered and taken part in the Shadow War on a world wide scale. This number is up exponentially from the earlier reports of just 170,000 units sold on launch. Tretton’s comment came from within his Thank You note posted on the Official Blog earlier this evening.

“Over half a million of you have already chosen your allegiance in MAG, and have played over 270,000 games in the Shadow War.”

While we’ve enjoyed taking our fight to the opposing factions, we’re also happy to hear that this new IP has done so well on the market. 500K units for a multiplayer only title that is up against a $60 wall is something worth being happy about from a developer standpoint.

How many of you have been enjoying it?

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  1. Pretty weird to hear, considering it wasn’t on NPD’s top 10. Surely it sold more than Darksiders in January?

  2. good to know!

    i hope it reaches 1 mil soon

  3. yes!!!! im finally getting this game next week, its good to hear about the game that i just love. this game is leaps and bounds above BC2 IMHO

  4. Im loving it!! 500k means more people to kill!!! SVER BABY!

  5. He said 500,000 people have registered. Not necessarily 500,000 people have bought the game. Many people could have logged in on their multiple accounts or created new ones so that they could use all 3 factions. Just a thought.

  6. i thought you could only have 1 account per PSN or system or something?

    cause didnt truth make a video on that? the review on IGN’s review

  7. I love this game! Raven FTW! But I can’t wait to see it go up to 1 million soon. No doubt it will.

  8. WonsAuto – the US is NOT the world.

  9. man, there hasnt been too many PS3 exclusives too hit the 1 mil mark…i wonder how long itll take MAG?

    lets hope it becomes a greatest hits soon…PRICEDROP!!

  10. I want to get mag so bad

  11. I also want MAG but i dont have any money :(. Good to see it selling well as its a new IP

  12. New IP, but a well respected developer.

  13. The M.A.G. game is great and very fun. Its good that the game sold over half a million copies and it will continue to sell well. The 256-players battle is awesome and there isn’t any lag to the game.

  14. Awesome game. If you buy it don’t jump on the SVER bandwagon though. Besides if everyone does then it’ll get even harder to enter a domination match (the cool one with 256 players). Try valor they need help and more players. then there’s the add-on packs for $15, don’t waste yer money! Interdiction the hyped up new battle isn’t anything but a scam! Yeah new levels and another “big” battle sound awesome if you could play! There aren’t enough players to support it. It just looks cool to have that lock gone in the menu screen. I love the game! It’s way better than black ops by far! So tell all your friends to go buy it and join valor! Oh and get a headset because teamwork is key! Enjoy! : )

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