Sony: We have many other games up our sleeves

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You didn’t think Sony’s 2010 ended with Heavy Rain, God of War III and Gran Turismo 5 did you? The company reportedly has a number of games hidden in the wings, most likely awaiting their time in the spotlight at E3.

Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, has thanked PS3 gamers for a great 2009, further hyping up the community with the games still yet to come, including Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain and God of War III. However, he didn’t end there, citing many games that they’ve yet to announce:

“We have an onslaught of new IP and blockbuster games just around the corner […] not to mention the many other games we’re keeping up our sleeves.”

So what can we tell you about these 2010 games? All we can say is that there will be a sequel to a PlayStation franchise that you might not expect.

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  1. TheRighteousFascist February 11, 2010 @ 18:45

    Spyro the Dragon? A real one? It better be.

  2. “So what can we tell you about these 2010 games? All we can say is that there will be a sequel to a PlayStation franchise that will be unlikely come to mind.

    stop pretending to withhold knowledge it’s gay πŸ˜†

  3. A NEW CRASH BADICOOT! hopefully lol

  4. Legend of Dragoon 2, yeah we know about it, next

  5. “A NEW CRASH BADICOOT! hopefully lol”

    I don’t think Sony owns the Crash IP anymore.

    I’d love to see a new game from Naughty Dog – something different than Uncharted.

  6. One day they will make Jak. Not until after Uncharted 3 though I expect.

  7. I hope so. That was one of my favorite franchises on PS2.

  8. Well you can ask Naughty Dog in PSUni’s upcoming exclusive interview with them =)

  9. Will do πŸ˜‰

  10. Battle Arena Toshinden: CONFIRMED!

  11. syphon filter 5 ? medevial 3 ? legend of dragoon 2 ? hmm

  12. Sony: We have many other games up our sleeves……….Yeah well no one is gonna doubt that but so does Microsoft have plenty of games up there sleeves. Well back to my AAA game Mass Effect 2 on xbox360.

  13. Yup, Microsoft do have a lot of multiplatform titles. The key word there was “multiplatform”. Every platform has multiplatform games, that really isn’t anything to be proud of.

    The difference is that Sony has many many incredible exclusives, while the 360 is already RROD (dead) in the water. Is your kiddy colourful Halo:ODST…no.. RTS…no Halo:SD…WAIT…Halo:Reacharound… that was it… going to be enough? One game doesn’t seem very sustainable.

    Well back to my mediocore but superior version ofMass Effect 2 on PC.

  14. man…i just hope that they will have a PSN remake of Trap Gunner……

    *sniffle sniffle*

  15. LOD 2 ????????


  17. its going to get ugly lol

  18. Sounds great and I cant wait, I still have a lot of games that I still want to get that is on my list already. Though I wonder what that sequel is that this article is referring too? it could be a sequel to a franchise that has not seen the gaming industry for quite some time or it could be an additional release to an already established franchise that contains many iterations/releases but has not had a release for a while, only GOD and sony know, though I am intrigued on what that sequel is.

  19. Hope it’s final fantasy 7

  20. kingdom hearts 3


  22. twisted metal?

  23. I am hoping it will be KH3 or Star Wars Battlefront 3 or Twisted Metal, but mostly Kingdom Hearts 3.

  24. Azure Dreams ps1 d/l!!!!!!!! Brave fencer Musachi3?!?!?! plz!!!

  25. alex aka king of playstaion February 11, 2010 @ 23:28

    a new crash game with the old naughty dog team back that made the first three games would be nice but you know what game i want to come out for ps3 more than anything TWISTED FREAKIN’ METAL plllllllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeee david jaffe and eat sleep play make it so

  26. I am going to guess it is going to be one of these 4 games…

    – Crash Bandicoot
    – Sly Cooper
    – Twisted Metal
    -Syphon Filter

    Either that or a Brand Spanking New Oddworld game, although doubtful as is Kingdom Hearts III game as Noumora has said that are just starting to get on it, so I don’t think that KH3 is the game that is going to be revealed.

  27. most def. it’s twisted metal. YES!

  28. Im guessing its a new The Getaway, LOVED that game to bits, be great to have an awesome sandbox game like that on the system, Give GTA IV a run for its money

  29. COLONY WARS 4!!!!

  30. Final Fantasy VII Redux πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  31. I don’t know about you but I have my fingers c-c-c-crossed for a new Bad Boys: Miami Takedown

  32. Don’t see too many babies like #12 around, thank God. I can’t wait, it’s good to know there can secrets held in this day and age.


  34. einhander 2!!!


  36. I heard ages ago they were working on little big planet 2 this could be one of the games.

  37. I would literally cry tears of joy if they announced that Naughty Dog had gotten the rights to Crash Bandicoot back and were brining the quality of the PS1 games to the PS3. Either that or a new Jak & Daxter.

    Or if Insomniac had gotten the Spyro The Dragon IP back………..that would also be fantastic.

    Other possibilities include Heavenly Sword, Folklore or even Lair (The game had huge potential, if they learn from the mistakes of the first game then a “Lair 2” could be epic).

  38. 1: naughty dog and Insomniac sold their rights to spyro and crash bandicoot unfortunately. though i would do so much for a new spyro or new crash bandicoot game. i like uncharted 2 a lot, but i enjoyed Ratchet and clank Future 2 more because it has much better platforming than uncharted does.

    2: Nintendo is also having their fair share of exclusive games coming out (or already out): Tsunoko Vs. Capcom, No More Heroes 2 (though my guess is it is a timed exclusives), Super Mario Galaxy 2, Metroid Other M, Legend Of Zelda Wii, Super Meat Boy, Red Steel 2, and many more besides. I like my ps3, a lot, but i’m looking forward to my Wii exclusives too. also there are rumours of kid icarus wii, kirby wii, pikman wii, star fox wii, and many more ips that could be shown of at e3 this year.

    But of course the wii STILL has absolutely no games, so the ps3 is the only console anyone should spend there money on and if you own multiple platforms (even portable platforms) then you’re an idiot for supporting more than 1 platform =D

  39. If its LOD 2 I’m gonna flip.

  40. maybe they’ll finally take PS home out of beta

  41. Awesome! hope theres a new Syphon Filter game in the works cuz that was my game on the PS1 & The Getaway & Eight Days

  42. This is nice to hear, I’m hoping for KZ3 and InFamous 2 personally.

  43. ahh man, after seeing the lineup for this year…..i cant wait to hear the rest!!

    and furthermore…its they didnt specify the PS3….itll be for PSP as well!!!!


  44. i dont think i have enough money this year. anybody wanna donate πŸ˜‰

  45. @Dr. Moogle
    Yeah my PSP is starting to collect some dust, I want more games for it! Next game I’m getting is probably Birth By Sleep or something. >_<

  46. Sony has a lot of good games announced this year. I hope the new IP for the PS3 is going to be awesome because the PS3 is getting a lot of great game.

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