Uncovering three of the unannounced titles at TGS ’09

I’m sure a lot of us have been wondering what several of the unannounced titles are going to be at the Tokyo Game Show this year. This is pretty much a marathon of sorts every year in the industry and we always leave it to Japanese-insider, Famitsu, to break the story and spill the beans. This year, we’re hoping to get a minor jump on those boys across the ocean and release the names of three PlayStation exclusives that will be revealed at TGS ’09.

1. Grandia 4.

2. Ar Tonelico 3.

3. Legend of Dragoon 2.

While these games may not come as a surprise to many — our incredible inside source has confirmed several times that development and production on these games has started. Whether or not Sony decides to show them off this week is entirely up to them; however, we stand by the fact that these titles do exist and should be unveiled this week.