Details behind Max Payne 3’s voice work and motion capture

It should come as no shock that hours upon hours of work and dedication went into the production of the recent hit game Max Payne 3. Some of the most grueling work was part of the process of motion capture and the voice overs for many characters. New York City and Sao Paulo, Brazil were the two main locations where the majority of voice recording, body and facial scanning, and motion capture took place.

Left: James McCaffrey and Benedita Pereira performing in mo-cap suits. Right: The product of all the hard work.

A great deal of local talent was acquired from Brazil, such as Benedita Pereira who plays Fabiana Branco, along with many supporting roles such as paramilitary soldiers, Branco office employees, favela residents, and more. Sao Paulo was also the site were Rockstar logged in several hours of voice recording and performance capture.

More local talent such as Brazilian reality TV star Zumba Treze, Sao Paulo rapper Tiago RedNiggaz, Brazilian Ju-Jitsu world champion Paulo Guimaraes, along with many more were also recruited for various voice and motion capture roles in the game.

James McCaffrey voicing dialogue at Rockstar NYC recording studio.

The games principle stars, including Max Payne voice and likeness James McCaffrey (who put in well over 50 hours of work for the project), were recorded and captured in Rockstar’s main establishment in New York City, but Sao Paulo played a more-than-intricate role in the production and quality of Max Payne 3.