Top 8 Overhyped PS3 Titles

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Every console in every generation has those real special titles that only a fraction of the userbase considers true winners, however, up until release 90% of the console owners said this title would be the best thing since Super Mario. It’s inevitable. You pay your $59.99 (if you live in America), you walk out of the store content with your purchase, laughing at your poor friends who’ll have to watch you play at your house and you enjoy that ride home. You pull up into the driveway and you’ve already taken the shrink-wrap off. Meanwhile, your buddies are looking over the instruction manual jealous that you have the latest and greatest. You relish it. You treasure that exact moment and it’s one you’ll never forget – until you finally slide that disc into your console and start playing.

This, my friend, is called the hype machine. It’s when that one game appears to be untouchable by any media site and their review scores must be bias or “hating” on the hottest new title to hit gaming. We’ve all been there and we’ve all experienced this. Due to this, I feel inclined to create a list of the most over-hyped titles of this generation.

If this game wasn’t the first game listed, I think a lot of people (myself included) would be pretty upset. It’s no secret that this failure of a Halo killer not only was the king of hype up until release, but it was probably one of the most disappointing experiences I’ve had with my PlayStation 3. Everything about the game was just awkward. The controls weren’t tight; they were loose as all hell. The A.I. was over-the-top simplistic and the storyline wasn’t anything to write home about. Overall, Haze is pretty much the pinnacle and the new poster child of hyped failures. It’s sad to think about, but I’m just glad I got a review copy and didn’t shell out the $60 for it. Those are the real people I feel bad for.

One word – Dragons – how could they go wrong? You didn’t have to be a Dungeons and Dragons nerd to be excited for the potential that this title was supposed to deliver on. Instead, we were treated to a motion controlled game with clunky controls that later needed a patch, but by that time, it was far too late. Lair had the ability to be something special, the visuals were solid and the gameplay itself was there – it just didn’t have the “it” factor to make it legitimate. It’s tough to admit, but the truth is the truth. This is precisely way this is a bargain bin title now.

3.Grand Theft Auto IV
I’m sure adding this title to our list will get a lot of resentment but let’s face some truths here. Grand Theft Auto IV was given a ridiculous amount of perfect scores throughout the media industry. While I wasn’t one of the journalists to do this, I really couldn’t believe it was happening. How many of you actually played this title beyond beating it within a few days? I’m betting that not very many of you did. The content was entirely lackluster in comparison to previous installment and the competitor, Saint’s Row, was delivering in every aspect of the game it needed to. By the time I left Liberty City, I was glad it was over – I don’t think even downloadable content would have saved this title from the hype factory that didn’t produce.

4.All-Pro Football 2K8
When this football title hit, it left me chuckling. I remember the cries from 2K football fanatics about how this game was going to dethrone Madden and show Electronic Arts Tiburon how to develop a “real” next gen football title. I still laugh about it today. How many of you bought this for under $10 in a bargain bin after the first couple of months of release? I’m sure it was a lot of you. Anyway – This title was a complete disappointment in almost every aspect. Some fans may want to say otherwise, but all of the key indicators point to the truth. I’m starting to be surprised that retailers will even shelve this game now. If I was GameStop, I’d stop buying it back entirely.

5.Bionic Commando
Nostalgia runs deep, doesn’t? I guess so. Bionic Commando was released slightly on the heels of Bionic Commando Rearmed. Unfortunately, this GRIN developed project was nothing even remotely close to as good as the original. This must have left so many old school gamers utterly disappointed. The initial impressions of BC were actually pretty good throughout certain industry events and a lot of people seemed generally happy about it. However, the rate at which this title could be found for under $20 was astonishing. I believe you could pick it up that cheap within 3 months of release. That’s something no game should have to go through.

6.Army of Two
Despite Army of Two receiving a sequel and generating a decent chunk of sales, it falls into a similar category as Grand Theft Auto IV. It just didn’t deliver on the level and scale that a lot of gamers expected it to. The co-op gameplay was tons of fun if you had a competent friend to play along with. But if you were stuck utilizing the partner A.I., you would have been better off just leaving it at the store. It’s fun in short bursts, don’t get me wrong and there are other titles (look above) that were far more susceptible to the hype train, but Army of Two just wasn’t on the platform it needed to be to truly satisfy the gamer at hand.

7.Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
See: Army of Two. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men had a great premise and the dialogue was entertaining. It’s too bad the gameplay was glitch, the controls were easy to fumble around with and everything else was a joke in between. Thankfully, not too many people fell for this ruse and it hit the bargain bin at a decent rate. However, the hype up until its release was pretty significant for how mediocre of a title it was. Of course, there has been worse titles release, right?

8.Resistance 2
I’m going to get slammed for this one by the Sony brigade. I know it, you know it, and they know it. Resistance is a flagship franchise for the PlayStation 3 and Resistance 2 was supposed to continue the amazing lineup of great titles from Insomniac Games. Unfortunately, this expected triple AAA title, never reached that status. Instead, Resistance 2 hit Double A stardom and was overlooked by a lot of people (smartly). To be honest, I couldn’t believe that this title left me wishing it was so much more. I think the developers focused too much on the big picture rather than nailing down all the finer details of the game. While it’s great to be the savior of America, I’d rather do it in a title that matters…like Modern Warfare.

Readers Comments (49)

  1. Ehm… Dear article person.

    You need to get solid sources. Resistance 2 is AAA. Both IGN and Gamespot rated it 9.5 and 9.0 . AAA, period.

  2. Dear Ultima: Game status is dependent on an AVERAGE of reviews. Not 2-3 sources. Metacritic has the weighted average of reviews at 87. That is a Double A rating.

  3. Agree with all but R2. Probably one of my favorite games this generation.

  4. In all honestly this list is all correct except for Resistance 2.
    Resistance 2 is more of a love it or hate it type of game.
    Online and co op were a blast to play however the single player could of been better.
    I guess it depends on the person but I really like Resistance 2 though Killzone 2 and Call of Duty are better it’s still a title I wouldn’t pass up as a gamer.

  5. I’m truly pleased I didn’t fall for the hype on any of these games. The only one I purchased was GTA IV and I agree it was overhyped and overrated. It wasn’t bad, I enjoyed it, it’s just that I expected more as probably most people did.

  6. How the hell is an 87 average considered overhyped or in any way negative? You dont make sense.

  7. For me 1,2,3, and 8 shouldn’t be there I just loved those games. SRRY

  8. Im a bit confused is this supposed to be top 8 most overhyped or dissapointing titles ? cuz most of the titles mentioned are ranging from poor to average ,,

  9. Oh and as a sidenote i would’ve put fallout 3 instead of resistance 2 on 8th .. that game had a lot of hype but had dissapointing graphic quality and bug filled gameplay ..

  10. MM51-TheRealDeal October 7, 2009 @ 14:05

    double A is still good
    and maybe its just in the US but R2 wasnt hyped in the UK at all
    i dont know anyone that was disapointed with it either

  11. Agree with most except Lair and Resistance 2. Unlike most I actually enjoyed Lair, still have it and is one of my favorite games.

  12. I can think of a ton of games that easily beat out R2 is the hype-o-meter

  13. lol at people calling Haze a Halo killer.

  14. I agree with everything except GTA4 and R2.

  15. Resistance 2 was a good game, but I wish they made the game darker and grayer like they did in the first game.

    The color pallet worked perfectly for R1. But still it has a f*cking awesome story and I can’t wait for Fall 2010 when the trilogy is completed.

  16. Agreed with Resistance 2. Fantastic, and wicked original that went horribly wrong in the sequel.

    The first SHITS on the second so bloody badly, it’s not funny.

  17. I wouldn’t put Haze at #1. I don’t remember it being hyped up as everyone says it was. It seems that all of the supposed hype was made up later – Though, there was hype. Just not as much as everyone says. I’d have put it in a bit of a different place.

  18. StopBeingWrong October 7, 2009 @ 21:13

    My god, will you people stop getting the definition of AAA wrong!!! I have worked for a video game publisher for the last 3 years. The rating a game receives has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether it is a AAA game. The term AAA refers to the scope of the project, nothing else. If I drain a heck of a lot of money into a game, spend a lot of time developing it, and it releases as one of the worst titles in history… it is still a AAA game. If I spend 20 dollars creating a game that gets perfect scores and redefines the industry… it is NOT a AAA game. Did you get that? I’m guessing none of you did.

  19. BallsWithNipples October 7, 2009 @ 21:16

    The only game on that list that was overhyped and failed to deliver was “Grand Theft Auto IV”. None of the rest were hyped up much, and they weren’t the worst games ever made.

    Example: Gears 2 was overhyped, and didn’t deliver, but it is still better than most games.

  20. Wow R1 better that R2 LMFAO yeah I enjoyed the hours of co op leveling of all the different classes in the first one… oh wait R1 doesn’t have that and it’s about half as long, and the story is WAAAAY lamer and less epic

  21. FireWarrior-st October 7, 2009 @ 21:48

    Clearly the writer of this article wasn’t playing the same GTA IV as I have. I have played the game well over 300 hours, Iplay it still online and sometimes when my friends come over. I know it doesn’t have a co-op mode but it is great fun just driving around and when you get killed you gove away the controller. And why the hell do you compare MW to R2?

  22. Heavenly Sword should also be here. Many people called it the God of War clone, but for me, it just wasn’t good enough.

  23. You know what sucks? Lists like this. How many of these stupid lists are there out on the Web right now? Every day all I see listed on is another stupid gaming list. Boooooooring.

  24. I totally concur with GTAIV. Never in my life did I feel so happy finishing that game and leaving it to dust.

  25. @ TeRRoRoFdEaTh Really? You play dumb games then. The only thing bad about Heavenly Sword was how short it was. How was it not good otherwise? Please enlighten, oh Swami…

  26. When doing a top 8 list I would suggest starting at number 8 then doing a countdown. By putting the number 1 first it steals all the thunder and doesn’t make the reader want to keep reading

  27. I understand why Grand Theft Auto IV is on this list, however I far from agree with it being listed. Resistance 2 Definitely Most Definitely has no reason for being on this list, If anything it’s underrated.

  28. Haze is definitely the most hyped PS3 game. I remember all the fan boys calling it a halo killer, and that halo was crap, then i saw the stupid playing possum gameplay and knew it was going to suck. Eat crap fanboys!

  29. the first 3 yea i agree.
    but ARMY OF TWO???????????
    are you serious?
    how the ^%$# was that over hyped, there was barely any hype going into the game near release.
    should of put killzone 2 there, or uncharted 2 or MGS4.
    while these games are good, they were way way way over hyped and set my standards so high it was inevitable i was going to be disappointed.
    and you seriously need a head examination if you think COD MW is better than resistance 2.
    what game supports 8 player co-op AND 60 player competitive besides R2?
    thats what i thought.
    hell even 2 players can be connected on the one console playing online.
    can killzone 2 do that?
    can GTAIV do that?
    actually R2 is the only game i know of that lets you have 2 players signed into their own PSN accounts gaining points to their own ranks.
    and thats a over hyped game?
    go figure!

  30. sounds like some one needs to find a better university.
    no wonder TAFE is getting better results and marks than uni these days.

  31. R2 sucked, R1 had proper CO OP, in which I mean you played the game together, where was that feature in R2?? oh, you had to play ‘levels’ which had nothing to do with the game in hand. When it came out, the forums slated it and only the media liked it. It’s like redesigning the car – hmm works well with 4 wheels, 1 in each corner but lets give it 3 wheels and clad it in fibreglass and call it a ‘relient’. IMO, R2 sucked and I sold it.

  32. BANDITEN-SWEDEN October 8, 2009 @ 04:28

    Well most of the games that has seen the light under the PS3 era is crap,, not all of them but at least all of the ones you mentioned.
    Many times it feels like they are selling us non completed games to full price and i hate it.

  33. Totally agree with GTAIV. Completely over-hyped, totally under-delivered. Dull dull dull. I’d add Killzone 2 in there too – I was bored throughout that entire game until the tedious ending finally came up. And I have to say (flame’s a -coming) that I would even consider adding Batman AA too – an undeniably good game, but nowhere near as good as it was hyped up to be.

  34. all i have to say is that most of these titles are on xbox as well, i think this is just an article to bash the ps3 for no reason. I am not saying they weren’t over hyped, i just dont see how you can say ps3 most hyped titles when 5/8 are on xbox too.

  35. Most hyped ps3 games or multi plats??? GTA4 was multi, and bionic comando was. Add Halo 3 odst to that list since we have multi plats in there. a 5 hr campaign and maps from the previous game are a joke.

  36. sundayssupreme October 8, 2009 @ 11:59

    Resistance does not deserve to be on here at all. It was loved by most people who played it, sadly not as many people did. The fact that it did not sell like a bajillion copies makes it not as overhyped. Writer obviously was running out of titles by the 5th game and could not think of anything before his deadline came around.

  37. Grand Theft Auto IV is Multi-platform, so that’s pointless to mention, same for Army Of Two, All Pro Football 2k8, Bionic Commando, and Kane and Lynch.
    Resistance 2 was good, and, I don’t care if the game was Double ‘A’ Single ‘A’ Triple ‘A’ Thousand ‘A’ it was a good game.

  38. i loved resistance 2, fantastic single player, solid multiplayer and the co-op was phenomenal.

    other than that your list is great. gta iv was balls

  39. I agree with Resistance 2!!!! That game was such a let down.

  40. BANDITEN-SWEDEN October 8, 2009 @ 21:30

    are we playing the same game????

  41. BANDITEN-SWEDEN October 8, 2009 @ 21:33

    @ Abyss,, where is the sign that says exlusive ps3 titles? crap is crap no mather where it is pulled out

  42. BANDITEN-SWEDEN October 8, 2009 @ 21:35

    oops sorry,, hehehehe correct spelling “no matter where”

  43. Shotgun Junior October 13, 2009 @ 10:36

    I really don’t agree with the GTA 4 one. Alot of people say single player sucks, multiplayer is where the game is at. I think it’s just the other way around. It’s about the single player, GTA has always been about the single player. I got a PS3 because just GTA 4. Ok, so it’s quite a bit overhyped, but it really deserves at least an 8.5. I put around 45-50 hours into that single player and the goosebumps I got when the credits started rolling and epic music started playing made me think, no made me KNOW this was not a bad game. Story rocks, graphics are pretty bad, gameplay rocks, except for the cover system which uncharted does better, lasting appeal is great even though the game is easy, and single player aside I think the multiplayer actually is pretty good. IMO NOT A BAD GAME AT ALL.

  44. Disagree with R2! Awesome Game AAA++++ but I do agree that a lot of gamers did overlook it, but that’s their loss.

  45. I just love Grand theft auto it is very nice and attractive game this game has amazing flow to play and very fantastic stages are in it .

  46. wtf? bionic commando was overhyped? also, i find it funny that MGS4 wasnt on here

    people went totally ballistic over this game…although it lived up to most of its hype…i was disappointed in this game imo

  47. ^^^^
    *GASP* blasphemy

  48. I also didn’t like Resistance 2. I couldn’t even stomach the campaign.

  49. @xero: dood, they blammed EVERYTHING on the nanomachines….Vamp…Psycho Mantis…..Naomi….it was lame

    and as big boss’s return was nice and all….it would have been better if he just died

    they brought back the whole damn cast except for Solidus dammt!

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