Transfer Student: Confessions of a Console Convert

It’s never easy being the new kid, transferring to PlayStation University was certainly no exception. See I am super new (not to be confused with Ultra new), not only am I new to the site but I am also new to the system. I am not too proud to say that mere weeks ago I was an Xbox man; kicking it with Master Chief and blasting my way across the universe. Now before you savagely beat me, douse me in honey, tie me to a tree and leave me to the bears hear me out: I didn’t know better, I swear.

If Reapers were game consoles they would be 360s; both are loud, ineffectual , and masters of indoctrination. Through a combination of cost, marketing, carried over brand loyalty from games like Fable: The Lost Chapters and the Kotor series, and what I can only imagine were radio waves Microsoft shot into my brain, I fell for the hype and became an instant fanboy. Dismissing criticisms offhand and attacking any weak point PlayStation presented, I was blinded from the fiery and epic truth: The PS3 Is Awesome as Balls!!!!1!!

I owe my revelation to our illustrious Dean who after I picked up the console was gracious enough to loan me 3 series that define the PS3 as a gaming platform: Infamous(1 & 2), Uncharted(1,2, & 3), and as a Retrospective God of War (1 & 2).

The second I popped the games in my world started to change. Gone were the tired old exclusives of the 360 (which tend to include a huge variety of marines, space marines, and marines) and in their place were a mighty God-slaying psychopath, a charismatic badass hunk of charisma, and a comic book hero ripped straight from the universe where comics are written by celestial beings that mortals only dream of.

The hype and the fans got me to switch, but the refreshing IPs made sure I stayed. If there is a better introduction to the wealth of games that the PS3 has to offer then I am not sure I could have survived it. Graphics-Amazing, Home UI- Better than the 360, Online capability- I mean come on I don’t have to pay to do anything, how does Microsoft get away with Live?

I know this is sounding like a cheesy PR piece written secretly in a marketing office, but that’s only because of how much I love what I have experienced so far. I am sure as I become more familiar with the system and nuances of the PlayStation community I will see problems and feel a tug at my heart from my forsaken 360, and I look forward to posting these and hearing people’s responses.

For now though I am excited and feel like I have only just started my journey. In the weeks to come I will be posting more of my experiences, and talking more about psychopaths, parallel universes and mind controlling devices so be sure to check in regularly. As I am sure the readers are far more educated, I look forward to having some good tutors, and becoming a great student – and eventually molder of young minds – here at PSUni.

Also: My PS3 game library is dangerously thin, if any of you have any suggestions on what else I should check out please give me a shout out and post them below!


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  1. Glad to have you come over to the Sony side. If you start missing space marines, play Killzone. It’s close enough.

  2. hyperdimension neptunia

  3. Welcome to the Playstation University!!! My personal suggestions represent experiences you simply can NOT find on the 360: Heavy Rain and Little Big Planet. The former provides a title with heavy focus on a mature narrative and decision making. Heavy Rain is one of the few games that left me conflicted.

    LBP is simply an awesome community to be a part of. You can approach with a casual demeanor, experiencing the many different things offered, or take a hardcore stance and develop your own levels.

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