Tretton: More high-definition PS3 gamers than Xbox 360

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Thanks Jacky T, you’ve got a nice little statistic for us. He just loves having a good ole’ poke at the competition. That pesky Microsoft with their 360 degrees X-marks-the-spot box. They ain’t got nuffin on that Pee Ess Three. According to the SCEA wiz-kid there’s apparently more high-definition PS3 gamers than Xbox 360 ones.

Jack Tretton is currently introducing the PlayStation 3’s 3D to the press, with 3D games being available for purchase from tomorrow. Indeed, that soon. However, Jacky T is more interested in boasting the latest statistics he’s got a hold of on HD uptake.

According to Tretton, the “PS3 has 5 per cent more owners connected to HDTVs than 360 owners.” That comes from the ever Twitterific Geoff Keighley of GameTrailers. He’s at the event, don’t you know.

5 per cent isn’t that much, right? But there’s two readings of this second-sourced quotation. If a larger slice of the PS3 pie is HD enabled, than the slice of the pie from the Xbox 360 crowd – that’s not too unsurprising – the console wasn’t HDMI enabled from day one (it was HD-capable though). However, if in total there are 5 per cent more HD PS3 gamers than there are HD Xbox 360 gamers – that’s quite the achievement, considering the 360’s higher installed base.

Who knows which reading is correct, or if the statistic is even accurate, or whether we give a monkeys. Back to counting my coppers for a 3D TV.

Readers Comments (8)

  1. nice look forward to that! 3D games… O_O awesome…

  2. 3D?, next year =) (When we don’t need to wear silly glasses).

    Well, all of my friends who own a ps3 own an hdtv too. Guess there is some truth to those statistics.

  3. I could have told ya that. But 3D gaming is retarded, unless they get rid of those retarded glasses.

  4. I’m not one of those five-percent. However, I’d like an HDTV. 3D seems like a gimmick to me.

  5. tommorow?
    im only at 260 euros 🙁
    looks like ill be selling a kidney

  6. This is not necessarily a good statistic for Sony. I postulate that more people who do not have a HDTV bought an Xbox 360 because it’s cheaper (they are frugal, that’s why they don’t have an HDTV) and they didn’t need the fancy Blu-Ray, which is a big selling point. So I would say this statistic simply points out that Sony is weak in the non-HDTV market share. Not something to be happy about.

  7. CHARMCITY187 June 9, 2010 @ 18:14

    #6 Sony weak in the non hd market share?? u do know it is 2010 now not 1995. everything this day and age is hd. 360’s are just junk plain and simple

  8. ^ LOL WUT

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