Treyarch focused on making best game possible

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Treyarch’s Community Manager, Josh Olin, has had a lot of pressure placed on himself and the team behind the upcoming title Call of Duty: Black Ops. Considering the time and money being invested into the project by Activision boss, Bobby Kotick, the title has no choice but to deliver not only on sales but in sheer quality as well.

Olin understands the expectations that not only Kotick has, but fans of the series have as well. When questioned about the situation and if the added pressure from Kotick to have the most expensive launch ever has mattered, Olin joked: “If the boss says it has to be. It had better be, right?”

“My interpretation of that was that they’re going to put the biggest amount of support behind it than any other title they’re put behind so far. That’s the way I’d word that. If that happens, great, I really hope it does. I hope we can set new records, that would be wonderful. At Treyarch we’re just focussing on making the best game possible, and hopefully if we succeed in that, then we’ll make the best game we’ve ever made, and good things will come of it.”

It’s great to know that Treyarch is focused on delivering the best possible game to gamers. It must be difficult to know you’re going to have to live in the shadow of what Infinity Ward accomplished every other year in delivering exceptional (not really) experiences within the Call of Duty franchise. After all, World at War wasn’t exact ground breaking or record breaking, so a lot needs to be proven considering Respawn Entertainment (formerly pretty much Infinity Ward) will be looking to make a splash with its first title.

How many of you are looking forward to Black Ops?

Readers Comments (8)

  1. That’s a lie. And even if they do try their best, it’s not going to amount to much.

  2. well…
    the past cod titles dident impres me much
    (exept for how many idiots including myself decided to buy that piece of sh**, because all the reviewers got bribed)

  3. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 August 26, 2010 @ 14:22

    trying to make the best game ever? right. You know what, I’m not buying it. They don’t learn from the mistakes of Modern Warfare 2 that infinity ward did. They’re still putting unfair killstreak like explosive RC car (3 kills) and Camera (5 kills) to help the campers camp. Well you know what. One word: Boycott. Call Of Duty is not what its used to be, I’m done with Call Of Duty. I’ll keep playing Call Of Duty 4 and Battlefield Bad Company 2. I mean the game is suppose to be hardcore, I don’t wanna be driving a RC Car, what is this 8 years old kids arcade war game. I will just get Medal Of Honor instead. Longlive EA, and I hope Activision die. Get Medal Of Honor instead. or wait for Brink, Killzone 3, or Halo Reach.

  4. So by best, they mean use the same elements presented in the last 3 games?

  5. Its got zombie mode… ZOMBIE MODE!!!!!!!!

  6. EA make better FPS IMO less camper friendly .

  7. Zombies is the only thing in Black Ops that interests me…

  8. they were bringing nothing but world war to the table for a generation
    and then modern warfare came to rewive the cod franchise
    but now it just seems like they´re just fiking of bringing nothing but modern warfare to this generation
    it would realy rule if they made a “call of duty: zombie apocalipse” game instead of just remaking the last game,
    do you guys feel the same?

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