Valve: “PS3 is incredibly important to us”

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A lot of PlayStation 3 owners have had a sour taste in their mouths over the last couple of years when it comes to Valve and who can blame them? After all, they were the victims of one of the worst ports this generation with The Orange Box and Valve’s boss did insult them indirectly at every possible opportunity, however, Valve seems to be looking to right that ship.

Newell & Co. took a huge step forward in June when they announced that Portal 2 would be making its way to the PlayStation 3. In fact, Gabe himself made sure to be the one to announce live on stage at Sony’s E3 Press Conference. Now, this past week at Gamescom, Valve project manager, Erik Johnson, told CVG that the “PS3 is incredibly important to us.” This further solidifies the belief that Valve is wanting to take its partnership with Sony and bring it to the next level.

“PS3 is incredibly important to us,” he said. “We don’t feel that the PS3 users had the Valve experience that we like to deliver.

“So in that case it’s incredibly important to us; we kind of fix everything wrong in the products that we delivered before for the PS3, which we thought were good but weren’t quite the Valve experience.”

One of the ways they plan to solve past issues is through bringing Steamworks to the platform. Erik also touched on this as well.

“We’re looking forward to solving that and having Steam on that platform also is incredibly valuable to us,” he said. “In a lot of ways that is the way we define a customer having a good experience because it’s the way that we keep talking to that customer over time.”

As a PlayStation 3 owner, are you already prepared to forgive Valve and purchase Portal 2 upon release or are you going to sit back and wait until Valve does something over the top in order for you to change your mind about the development studio?

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  1. “PS3 is incredibly important to us,” he said. “We don’t feel that the PS3 users had the Valve experience that we like to deliver.

    Damn straight.

  2. hmmmm, imagine Left 4 dead on PS3. Better graphics, more campaign missions, more EVERYTHING cause of the blue ray disc

  3. @ThatOneDude

    That already exists. L4D on PC.

  4. Until they go back and patch Orange Box… I don’t know… Either that, or release Portal: Still Alive on PSN to prepare for the Portal 2 launch.

  5. I really don’t know what the problem with Orange Box was. I bought it for Portal and don’t recall ever having any issues with it. I played a little Half-Life 2 and don’t recall having any issues on it either. It was actually pretty fun. I probably would have beat it had it not been an FPS and been a TPS.

  6. just a few monghts ago valve was dissing ps3 hardware and online…
    because games mostly arent worth the hipe and price, i hawe to educate myself about the game before i buy it as a resolt i buy only the wery, wery, wery best games and for the platform that the specific game is superior on
    i hawent bought any valve game exept Half Life 2
    and im not gona preorder portal2 until i fuly know what im getting,
    and besides from what ive seen valve isnt that much of a deweloper

  7. @Dragoonx
    you can no longer play pc games on ps3
    thanks to hackers, sony had to remove the insal other os feature

  8. Shotgun Junior August 21, 2010 @ 12:25

    @Reigen #7

    That’s not his point. His point is that valve games will always be best on PC. Best graphics, free DLC, mods, custom maps and more. And I totally agree with that. I don’t buy valve games on a console. Even the slowest of PC’s can run those games. There’s no point in buying the console versions.

    We will see if that changes with steamworks coming to PS3, but I doubt it. >_>

  9. @Shotgun Junior
    that may be the case with Valve games but, only because Valve so far only made (the recent)games on 360 and pc, while the ps3 orange box was a port done by ea
    and youre only choice with walve so far was pc or 360, and its cinda obwious you dont wana play it on a console made with last gen technology
    but if you look at other games like batlefield bc2, burnout paradise, they look better on ps3 than other platforms
    and if you look exclusives(games desinged from scratch to work as good as posible on a specific arhitecture) you see how much more content, graphics and scale whise ps3 games are superior
    and sure i 2 hawe a pc cuz some multioplats are ported from pc to other sistems

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