Valve: “We’ll wait for Portal 3 for 3D”

Sony and Valve’s recent wedding at E3 of this year has now taking its turn to the honeymoon where Valve has speculated on how it plans to approach Sony’s 3D gaming extravaganza. Though some early adopters will hope for Portal 2 to offer 3D gameplay, Valve has no plans to dive into that pool of kool-aid just yet and has stated that they’ll wait for Portal 3 first.

Not only does this make perfect sense, but it allows the company to properly name the title “Portal 3D,” amirite?!

“[Having a dedicated PS3 team] allows us to build our PS3 products internally, which we feel is critical for delivering the highest quality version of our products,” says Doug Lombardi in a recent issue of PSM3.

If you remember, Lombardi is the same employee who referred to the PlayStation 3 as the stepchild of consoles (eat that crow).

“[Move and 3D] will have to wait for Portal 3 or another title,” he added. “We won’t be supporting those in Portal 2.”

Regardless of how you feel about 3D gaming or PlayStation Move for that matter, it has to feel great to see Valve talking about it and at least taking minor interest in it for the future.

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  1. Portal in 3D would make my head explode. The game is disorientating enough in two dimensions.

  2. Considering it’s Valve’s first PS3 attempt, it sounds about right.

  3. stephie-anna July 30, 2010 @ 14:53

    Sounds EPIC =D I own Orange box on PS3….man….i cant wait for portal 2….but Portal in 3D its gonna be immense!

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