PS2 comeback shooter most likely SOCOM 4

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A rumour is making the rounds, by way of the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine, that a PlayStation 2 shooter is to have a “triumphant comeback” on the PlayStation 3 in 2011. We’re in the enviable position of having some quite intimate knowledge of said shooter.*

Connected Consoles brings us the OPM rumour from the magazine’s April 2010 issue, where it is written:

“One of PS2’s most revered squad shooters will be making a triumphant comeback on PS3 sometime next year.”

A revered PS2 squad shooter. Now, when you say that to yourself, the first game that comes to mind is most likely…SOCOM. Yes, due to the dates of publication, we believe that this shooter is almost certainly the already announced SOCOM 4. Sorry folks.

You may protest that SOCOM 4 was announced in early-March and this is the April OPM issue. However, magazines go to print over a month before they meet shops (it’s still mid-March and the April issue is already in subscribers’ hands). At the time that this issue was being finalised, it’s likely that SOCOM 4 had yet to be announced for the PlayStation 3 and so after hearing that the title was to be released on the grape vine, the magazine’s editors decided to publish this little teaser. Annoyingly for them, SOCOM 4 was announced on March 4th.

*O.K., O.K., we’re only speculating but we’ve learnt that it’s best not to get your hopes up. There’s only one piece of information that doesn’t line up – SOCOM 4 is scheduled for this fall, and OPM state their rumoured game is for 2011. It is still very possible that the magazine was not aware of the game’s release period at the time of publication. It also does not matter that SOCOM Confrontation is a PS3 game, since it was hardly seen as a “triumphant” outing on the console.

Of course, the rumour could be in reference to a new and unannounced PS3 game, but chances are it’s not. There’s also no mention that the game will be exclusive to the PS3, so a list of possible candidates beyond SOCOM could build up. How many PS2 squad shooters can you think of?

Readers Comments (41)

  1. Star Wars Battlefront III would be pure awesome.

  2. LMAO I was right !

  3. Patrick Steen March 18, 2010 @ 18:00

    Just speculation Blinky =) Your guess is as good as ours, but the logic looks tight enough.

  4. I just noticed something: “…comeback on PS3 sometime NEXT year.”

    SOCOM 4 comes out this year.

  5. Whoops just noticed something else…you already said that rofl…I’ll stop commenting now 😉

  6. I bet it’s BlackHawk Down the video game…. 🙂

  7. WTF are you talkin about man!?

    you said YOU know what the game is, yet you rambled about SOCOM 4.

    what if it’s Killswitch or some sh*. You didn’t take a guess but banged on about SOCOM. And wasn’t there a SOCOM game on PS3?

    Hint suggest it’s a PS2 game.

    Article fail!

  8. I’m with jaz on Star Wars Battlefront III, but I doubt that’s it. It most likely is SOCOM since I can’t think of any PS2 squad-based shooters, and it’s probably not Battlefront since that was multiplatform last gen and would most likely remain multiplatform were an iteration of the game to come to current-gen consoles.

  9. It’s not SOCOM. SOCOM is already out on the PS3 and SOCOM 4 is coming out this year. At first I thought it was Syphon Filter but it’s not really a squad based shooter is it?

  10. no body ever said it was exclusive to ps3.

  11. -DeathWraith- March 18, 2010 @ 19:23

    Syphon Filter 5…

  12. The game is Cold Winter.

  13. Socom should be coming this year to accommodate the ps move, so its not socom….Think outside the box people!! 🙂

  14. Moocows111111 March 18, 2010 @ 19:43

    No idea….. first thought is Socom but that can’t be it… I liked the Brother’s and Arms fanchise but Hell’s Highway was a big let down plus its multiplat… Its also says shooter, so it can either be FPS, TPS, ect, anything with guns pretty much =/

  15. I agree with jaz350z.

  16. It will be the game “Black”. That was an awesome shooter on the PS2, that made it’s way to the original XBOX. Now it will reappear on the PS3. About time.

  17. Could it be Freedom Fighters 2???? That game was sick! And PS2/PC exclusive I think.

  18. one who knows all!!! March 18, 2010 @ 19:58

    everybody already knows its timesplitters 4!!!!!!!!!!!1

  19. Bring on Time Splitters 4

  20. Please TS4, please TS4, please TS4.

  21. Nope, Freedom Fighters came out on Xbox as well…Sorry to burst our bubble.

  22. Syphon Filter calling it now.
    Developer: Sony Bend

  23. If it is not a PS2 exclusive game they are talking about, then I guess Full Spectrum Warrior

  24. yeah Syphon Filter seems right

  25. ahhh kamanshi! thats it, i was sat thinking of a game but couldn’t remember the name of it, you nailed it sir! im with him.. i think its full spectrum warrior 2 🙂

  26. im gonna go with tribes aerial assault….that would be awesome…i would play that.

  27. hmmmm i wonder what it is? it cant be syphon filter…that wasnt a team-based shooter :\

    i dont know lol

  28. so how does that equate to yous know the title?
    you know there are other ways than making up BS titles to bring hits to your site.
    just as sufficient too!

  29. starblade alpha, hehehe… why not?!

  30. Firewarrior sequel?

  31. im with jaz350z

  32. Jak has guns = Shooter………New Jak game?

  33. wow, who the hell wrote this article?!? whoever it is…. don’t write articles again, EVER!!!
    you my friend are a dumba$$, socom 4 is coming this fall. you even mentioned it this fall but yet you still consist IT IS socom 4 and it can’t be a triumphant return if there is already a socom on the ps3… its just…. obvious. and im 95% positive that it won’t get pushed back to 2011 either considering its zipper that we’re working with and already been in development for quite some time now AND sony is pushing hard to get this game as a big supporter to get PS Move rolling nice and smooth with other great titles supporting it right out of the gate

  34. REZ?

  35. Timesplitter, Full Spectrum Warrior(I’m pretty sure there was a part 2 on xbox), Syphon FIlter or Freedom FIghter, all were grear games and they deserved a sequel.

  36. SlaughterMeister March 19, 2010 @ 09:00

    This article is crap. You insist it’s SOCOM 4, then give a bunch of evidence why it’s not, essentially destroying your original argument.

    “We think it’s SOCOM 4 because we think so.”

  37. Zone of the Enders!!!

  38. Was Ghost recon on the ps2? i know the article doesn’t state that its an exclusive “read it”. GRAW 3 would be awsome. it was sqaud based.

  39. freedom fighters 2 would be really kwl on the ps3 but cant see it being that. Sython filter is also unlikely and from the sounds of it socom is def the most likely.

  40. I have no idea! ARGHHHHH! I can’t think of Squad based shooters. Is Black even squad based? I know Socom is but…I doubt it’s that.

  41. Moocows111111 March 19, 2010 @ 12:18

    Lul its Socom 4 guess that magazine is alittle too late on the news XD

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