Zombie Apocalypse Giveaway

Hello fellow University readers! We hope you’re doing well today.

Konami and Sony has been generous enough to send us a couple of Download Vouchers for Zombie Apocalypse. We’ve decided that instead of keeping it for ourselves (after all, we own the title already!), we’re going to give it away to two of our readers. If you win though, let us know your PSN ID so that we can help you along your Zombie survival way. We wouldn’t want to lose valuable members to the zombie plague, right?

To enter the contest, simply leave your Forum name below in the comment section with the amount of Zombies you think we killed in our first play through until the game over screen? Just a hint, it was between 1-5000. The two people closest to the exact number will win the vouchers. Also — Don’t be afraid to say the same number as someone else. Duplicate answers are allowed. In the event of a tie, the winner will be chosen via coin flip — it’ll be legit!

Winners will be chosen later tonight and emailed their voucher code at the same email address as their forum user name.

Thanks and Enjoy!

WINNERS: The answer to how many zombies I killed was 3,198. That means that oneluckybullet and chad were the two closest guesses. I’ll send out your voucher codes ASAP.