Resident Evil 6 Update Adds New Mode, Difficulty Setting and More

Resident Evil 6, despite its controversial review scores from lots of outlets, is still getting a lot of playtime from fans around the world. Survival horror, dramatic horror, action horror or just a third-person shooter with monsters, whatever you want to call it nowadays, the franchise is still massively popular.

Capcom, in a move unlike them, have released a nice set of updates for the game that actually give gamers a nice deal of content for free. Check out the full details:

[1] Ada scenario co-op mode

  • Co-op has been added to Ada’s scenario.
  • Ada’s scenario can now be accessed without having to complete Leon’s, Chris’ and Jake’s scenarios beforehand.

[2] Ultra-hard [No Hope] difficulty setting

  • Only available when playing in co-op with a partner using [No Hope]
  • If you join a game configured with any other difficulty, your own difficulty will be automatically lowered to [Professional]
  • Skills cannot be used
  • Your health is not restored when you continue
  • The value of Skill Points acquired is doubled


[3] New camera settings

  • Additional settings for the standard and aim cameras have been added.
  • These settings can be adjusted by accessing [Camera settings] under OPTIONS. Both the field of view and the position of the aim camera can be adjusted.

[4] New [Agent] character for Extra Content

  • [Agent] added for use in Extra Content.
  • The Agent’s loadout contains a variety of weapons adaptable to any combat situation.

What do you think of these new features and additions? Are you even still playing Resident Evil 6, or did you even begin at all? Let us know in the comments below!