60 percent of PSP owners looking to upgrade to Vita, says Sony

Almost two-thirds of current PlayStation 3 and PSP owners are planning to purchase PlayStation Vita, according to Sony’s John Koller.

Speaking to AllThingsD, the company’s director of hardware marketing claims 63 percent of those currently owning a PS3 are looking to splash the cash on the forthcoming handheld powerhouse, with 60 percent of PSP owners are planning to upgrade.

Obviously there’s a bit of an overlap with the figures, but you get the picture.

Vita launches next month in Japan, with North America and Europe having to wait until February 22, 2012.

As brilliant as the figures are for Sony, they don’t come with much surprise, with it now being five years since the launch of PSP, and four since that of the PlayStation 3. Many gamers quite obviously want this new slice of PlayStation in their lives.

Thanks, Verge.