A Trophy Whore’s Holiday Gift Guide

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Those last few gold trophies aren’t the easiest to collect, but they’re extremely rewarding if and when you do. Otherwise, trophy whores will be pleased to know that all of the other trophies are attainable within each game’s not-too-long playthrough.

Grab it on Amazon for a mere $20 right here.

Trophy Guides: God of War / God of War II

Mafia II

There were a couple legitimate quips against this game when it released, most notably that the game offered little reason to branch off from the main missions despite its open-world setting. However, the story and voice acting were top-shelf stuff, and the gameplay was solid as well.

But we’re not here to talk about any game’s quality, are we? No, you want trophies, and Mafia II’s got ’em. The vast majority of trophies in the game are story-related, for both completing a chapter and completing a specific task within chapters. There are several trophies that ask you to do open-worldy things, such as driving 30 different cars and robbing 5 different stores in under 5 minutes, but nothing those are easily taken care of.

Unfortunately, there are two trophies that, while far from impossible, are extemely tedious. I’m talking about the trophies for collecting all of the Playboy magazines (50 in all) and Most Wanted posters (159!!). If you have some extra time on your hands, it’s not a big deal, but your only reward for finding them all is being one step closer to a platinum trophy — not a single in-game benefit.

There’s some free, PS3-exclusive DLC for the game, though, and that offers some trophies of its own. Amazon has the game for fairly cheap right here.

Trophy Guide: Mafia II

The Godfather II

If you want a mob-related platinum trophy that you can get even if you let your grandpa play during breaks, then maybe The Godfather II might be for you instead.

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Of course, it’s not as good a game as the above Mafia II, but that’s not what’s most important here. Instead bask in the fact that you can get every single trophy in a single playthrough, a task that shouldn’t take more than a weekend to do. The only thing that you have to be careful with is doing all of the executions, which require you to kill enemies over thirty different ways — if you don’t do all of them by the end of the game, you have to start a new game and try again. Besides that and finding all of the weapons upgrades, this platinum trophy is easier than [insert topical female celebrity tramp].

Thankfully, the game can be had at bargain bin prices; check it out on Amazon here.

Trophy Guide: The Godfather II

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

Finally, here’s an easy sports game entry that also adds some depth to the still-barren PlayStation Move library of games.

Here, you’ll only have to earn 23 trophies before you’re rewarded with that sweet, sweet platinum, and none prove to be too challenging. For example, one of the gold trophies is a reward simply for taking a quick survey, something that should take you just a few seconds. Most of the others reward you for either playing a full 18-hole round at all of the courses (one silver trophy each) or playing well enough to beat daily challenges that are downloaded into the game each time you boot it up.

In fact, the only trophy that could be tricky to get is the Packed Clubhouse trophy, which is for competing in a 12 vs. 12 online match. You shouldn’t have trouble getting the only other online trophy for playing in any online team match, but finding 23 others for a 12-on-12 could be troublesome. Thankfully, the game is still new, so you should be able to find a crew to help you somewhere on the internet.

Amazon, as always, is the place to go.

Trophy Guide: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11

So those are my suggestions. Any trophy hunters out there that care to share some suggestions of their own? Let us know below!

Readers Comments (9)

  1. TheFirstAvenger December 15, 2010 @ 18:34

    Gonna rent The Godfather II soon, don’t know about Prince of Persia (2008) but I had trouble with some of those trophies, most are easy but others take patience.

    • Did the same to get the trophies. It’s actually a really fun game, I was surprised 😀

  2. Ok. The GOW collection is actually hard to obtain, especially the after story challenges

    • At the current $20 it’s still a good amount of trophies for your money, whether you get the platinums or not. Though they’re not easy, they’re far from impossible if you use the guides I link to. 😉

    • maybe the platinum’s are kind of hard, but there are 3 gold trophies in both games that are super easy to get.

  3. I loved PoP 08 but wasn’t concerned with getting all the Light Seeds and such till after I beat the game. I got a good deal of them all and got like 90% of the trophies but after I beat the game I can’t seem to find a way to do jack (for obvious reasons for those that beat it), so is it impossible to go back and get the rest after you beat the game? Do you have to do everything BEFORE beating the game?

    • You have to collect all 1,000 light seeds before reaching the end, with 1,001 being the Tree of Life.

      • Complete and utter bullcrap for them to have to make that a requirement and NOT tell you that while you’re doing it. They don’t tell you anything about it, nor do they tell you you’re about to do an irreversible thing and to save a different slot or anything like that. I am not going to replay the game just for that trophy and I can’t work on the “Make it from the ___ to the ____ in under ___ minutes” trophies either. That is so stupid for them to design the game or trophies like that.

  4. All that is crap, you don’t have to get all the light seeds before the end of the game. I went to the tree of life with about 900 seeds and after the final boss fight I just pressed continue from the menu and it let me free roam the game and I got the rest of the light seeds in my own time and I still got the trophy.

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