Best Gaming Trailers of 2010

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Good thing we stuck around, too — the game looks to be every bit as amazing as the games that came before it. We would link the gameplay footage that was shown on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night, but then we’d be subjecting you to several minutes of Jimmy Fallon.

Gran Turismo 5 Weather Effects Trailer TGS 2010

I paid $700 for my launch 60GB PS3 back in December of 2006, with thoughts of this exact game doing their damndest to convince me that I wasn’t crazy for doing so. Unfortunately, that PS3 conked out on me last October, well before we got to play Gran Turismo 5 proper. But I soldiered on, dammit, selling my first Wii to help pay for a new Slim model.

Fast forward to E3 this year and we finally got a firm release date (one that’d be pushed back, but still a big deal), and then this stunner of a trailer at TGS. I mean, just look at it. That’s some fine rain, right there. For a GT superfan such as myself, this absolutely justified spending over $1000 on PS3s over four years.

The Last Guardian TGS 2010 Trailer

Unlike GT5’s Polyphony Digital, Team Ico takes zero flak for taking their sweet-ass time making games. Which is fine, seeing as their responsible for two of the absolute best games that the PS2 had to offer, no small feat considering the system’s massive library.

In this trailer, we get to see how well the boy and his griffin-dog thing interact with each other,  how they traverse platforming sections, and how griffin-dog thing protects the boy from enemies tugs at our heartstrings in just the right ways.

Mass Effect 3 VGA Reveal

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As mentioned in the Uncharted 3 entry above, the reasons to watch the VGAs are for trailers alone. While we knew that BioWare would be showing something unannounced at the show, we all knew it was probably Mass Effect 3. In this trailer we see was seems to be an all-out assault on the planet Earth (hey, that’s us!). There’s not much else to go by, but we have a hunch that BioWare’s epic trilogy will end on a high note.

Portal 2 E3 2010 Gameplay [Excursion Funnels]

I understand that there are different strokes for different folks and whatnot, but I’ll never understand when someone says they didn’t enjoy Portal. I suppose we can’t all appreciate something that’s so well-paced and genuinely hilarious, but I digress.

When E3 rolled along, we not only learned that the game would be coming to the PS3 in the best console version available, but we were also treated to several different gameplay trailers. It was pretty difficult to choose a favorite, so I just picked one at random. However, you can also check out trailers demonstrating the bounce gel, propulsion gel, lasers, and faith plates.

It promises to give us the premier co-op experience of 2011. Sorry, Gears of War 3. <333

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Without question, Red Dead was a Game of the Year-caliber experience. The vast and beautiful wilderness, the epic story, the soundtrack … it all added up to something gamers won’t soon forget. So what do you do when you’ve accomplished something so great? You add zombies, silly. Granted, the zombie route has been quite crowded in recent years, but Red Dead offered a unique setting that other games couldn’t match, while wrapping it in a non-canon story all its own.

As for the trailer above — zombie bears, man!

So those are our favorites. There are plenty more out there that we had a hard time trimming from the list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share your favorites in the comments below.

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  1. What about the debut trailer for The Elder Scrolls V? An epic voiceover backed by what is most likely Jeremy Soule’s masterful music.

    Eh, maybe I just liked it a lot because I was really excited for it even before its announcement.

  2. i liked BATMAN ARKAM CITY.looks amazing but 2011 looks promising verry good for gamers.

  3. mary cristmas you noobs!
    just kiding, but i would like to recommend the psuni team to make more articles that dont go of personal perference or hipe

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