Biggest Gamer Overreactions This Generation

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The ApocalyPS3

On March 1, 2010 a large number of PS3s were unable to connect to PSN or even play offline games that were trophy-enabled. To make it even more confusing, only “fat” model PS3s were affected while people with newer Slim models were unaffected.

The problem turned out to be with a bug in the older models’ internal clocks, causing them to think that 2010 was a leap year. As someone with a Slim, this wasn’t an issue personally. To the millions with launch model systems, however, you’d have thought that there was no way that they would ever be able to use their PS3s again. Just look at this massive, MASSIVE thread on’s forums — 2,671 posts!

Granted, there’s reason to be upset when you can’t use the machine and games you paid several hundreds of dollars to enjoy, but the ordeal lasted just 24 hours. The PS3 is hooked up to a TV and doubles as a Blu-Ray player … how about a movie or two? Outrageous!

“The new firmware bricked my PS3”

Ever since the very first firmware update was ever released for the PlayStation 3, there have always been posts on forums and the official PlayStation Blog saying the same thing: Sony have done more harm than good and ruined everything for everyone by bricking their (singular) PS3.

We’re not calling these people liars. Someone, somewhere will always be unfortunate enough to have their machine ruined by an update, be it a PS3, iPhone, or any other dependable, constantly updated device. Where it gets downright dumb, though, is when these people post on a forum, with other people deciding not to update their own PS3s because it’s too risky.

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When a tiny minority stirs up a ruckus and tries to create a panic over a problem that isn’t widespread … well, it’s a bit sad. I mean, isn’t the time and energy spent creating posts better spent contacting tech support so that those grievances are actually heard and most likely fixed?

PS3 has been h4x0red!!

Oh noez, someone call the Cyber Police! We’re not writing this because we’re advocating piracy — that’s stupid. What we’re saying is that these recent developments aren’t cause for any serious concern.

Yes, you’ll be able to homebrew your PS3 to run just about anything and have it think it’s legit. Think, though: How impractical would it be to pirate PS3 games? MGS4, God of War III, Uncharted 2 are all mammoth games that filled dual-layered 50 GB Blu-Ray discs to the brim. Even smaller, multiplatform releases hover over 10 GB. Bandwidth as it stands today is nowhere near where it needs to be for mass piracy of PS3 games. Then comes the matter of actually putting those files on a BD-ROM — a single dual-layer blank goes for over $30 on Amazon. At this point, it’s easier to just buy a legit used copy when the price comes down.

It’s not even as if this is the first system to ever be hacked in this way. PS2s, Wiis, and Xbox 360s were modded almost immediately, yet those still boast massive success.

Instead of thinking of the worst case scenario, do the opposite: Wouldn’t it be nice to play any video file that you wanted on your supposed multimedia powerhouse? Is it really so bad to turn your PS3 into a retro gaming haven by putting emulators on it, saving you the trouble of rooting your old SNES out of the basement or closet?

Maybe it’s just us.

Readers Comments (8)

  1. I think the first Yellow Light of Death and EA adding the Online Pass are both pretty lame.


  3. Though none of these even phased me, I still think FF13 being bought from MS was kinda stupid. I don’t know how well it did on their console but it isn’t the kind of game I see many 360 gamers completely yearning for.

    And I thought EA’s decision for the used games was pretty smart. I always go new anyway 🙂

    I also agree with the guy^ about Infamous 2. That was just ridiculous.

  4. I love how all but one are about the PS3.

    In general that console has been the biggest shitstorm brewer I’ve ever seen in gaming. So much controversy, so much conflict… wow.

  5. The entire reason Microsoft dropped a truckload of cash off at Square Enix’s door was simply to hurt Sony from selling more consoles from FF13. Microsoft didn’t make anywhere near the return on investment required to break even given what it sold on the 360. It was a crap game for FF fanboys anyways.
    Gamers all act like spoiled brats anyways so really, who cares what they think? They never ever act with their wallets as much as they claim, they’re like drug addicts who will accept whatever crap gets thrown at them. Sure they whine about it like babies but do they every not buy something as a result? Of course not, as evidenced by record high sales from EA online-pass-requiring-if-bought-used Fifa 11, Madden 11, as well as crap sequels like Call of Duty Black Ops, and the extremely archaic game design of Gran Turismo 5.

  6. What about when Devil May Cry 4 went multiplatform? People were talking about boycotting Capcom altogether.

  7. Super Smash Bros. Fan January 9, 2011 @ 06:54

    Agree that the Final Fantasy XIII, $10 to pay online with used games, and ApocalyPS3 were most certainly overreactions, but YLOD’s is a hardware failure, which isn’t a good thing and hacking is going to take a toll on PS3 sales.

    @Dave: Disagree with that. I generally find the Nintendo gaming community to be more intense generally then Sony or Microsoft gaming community.

  8. You should of put Mass Effect 2 coming for PS3 up there.

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