BioShock Infinite release date set for October 16th

Few games this generation have commanded the kind of respect and adoration that 2007’s BioShock has, and Irrational Games have been working diligently to bring us a follow up ever since. Well, their own follow up — BioShock 2 was handled by 2K Marin, remember?

Anyway, the game has finally been given a release date — October 16th in North America and October 19th worldwide.

“After BioShock, we had a vision for a follow up that dwarfed the original in scope and ambition,” said Irrational Games founder Ken Levine. “BioShock Infinite has been our sole focus for the last four years, and we can’t wait for fans to get their hands on it.”

October can’t get here soon enough.

Source: Irrational Games