Bulletstorm VR Release Date Delayed to 2024

Bulletstorm VR Release Date Delayed to 2024

Bulletstorm VR, one of PSVR2’s last big releases of 2023, has received a short delay into next year.

The Storm Moves Away

VR developer Incuvo and Publisher/original creators of Bulletstorm People Can Fly announced the decision was made to ensure it launched in the best possible shape for the PSVR2.

The official statement is as follows,

”People Can Fly and Incuvo have made the tough decision to delay the release of Bulletstorm VR to January 18, 2024.

We know that Bulletstorm fans are eager to put on their VR headsets and kick ass in virtual reality. We aim to use this extra time to continue improving the experience to ensure that Bulletstorm VR lives up to the high standards you’ve come to expect from the well-known AAA first-person shooter franchise and People Can Fly as a developer of high-quality AAA games.

We are incredibly thankful to our fans for their support and passion surrounding the Bulletstorm series and deeply appreciate everyone’s patience.

Thank you.”

People Can Fly first released Bulletstorm in 2013, and it was an inventive and chaotic first-person shooter with a visual style akin to Epic’s Gears of War. People Can Fly’s parent company was Epic until 2015, and it worked on PC ports of Gears of War and continued to work on Fortnite until its launch in 2017. It most recently made co-op shooter Outriders.

Bulletstorm’s story saw a surly drunkard mercenary known as Grayson Hunt crash land on a vacation planet filled with cannibalistic mutants. Armed with an energy lasso known as the Leash and an arsenal of oddball weaponry, Hunt must find a way to escape the planet, take revenge on his former boss, and repair his friendship with his now cybernetic best friend.

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