Dante’s Inferno Review

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Boss battles are quite epic and keeping in tune with the game world, your foes are hideous, disgusting and vile. The fallen Cleopatra spews unbaptised babies from her nipples for example. It’s no holds barred action that does justice to the words of the literature.

Without a doubt, the team at Visceral have made this a must play title. It has something to offer any level of gamer, whether you’re just playing it for the literature reference, or the enjoyable button mashing action, there’s bound to be something positive any gamer can take away from Dante’s Inferno.

Graphics & Sound

In the past, when you thought of EA and multi-platform, you immediately assumed the PS3 would be getting the blunt end of the stick when it came to development and performance. The people at EA Redwood (now Visceral Games), however, gave us some hope with Dead Space, that this would not always be true. The same quality and approach is present in this title.

The ‘Wood of Suicides’. A walk in the forest will never be the same…

Dante’s Inferno never shows a hint of any frame-rate slowdown. It’s all silky smooth and glorious to watch in motion. In fact, the only time the game pauses or slows is during some of the brutal combo moves Dante has at his disposal – and it’s just for that ‘Matrix’ effect.

The camera is fixed, but unlike other games of its genre which encounter annoying angles and the woeful ‘walk towards the camera’ concept, Dante’s Inferno never has a moment of camera frustration. The Dead Space feel is alive and well here too, some camera angles and pan outs feel very familiar and well used.

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Each of the 9 Circles of Hell are unique in their visual approach, from golden mechanical foundations in ‘Greed’ to the bio-disgusting walls of Gluttony that are reminiscent of those blackened lungs from a “Smoking Kills” advertisement.

Even the soundtrack is remarkable. As you progress through the bowels of Hell, screams of tormented souls and the damned will fill your speakers. The ambient noise is intense – if you’re not careful you’ll have your neighbours thinking your performing satanic rituals in your living room.


Dante’s Inferno is a unique and enjoyable hack & slash outing with stunning (and disturbing) visuals. It offers one of the most mature and faithful looks into the 9 Circles of Hell. You genuinely feel for the trapped souls in the various levels, their screams of anguish a constant reminder of where you are.

Those looking for a good button-masher will be most pleased in Dante’s Inferno. Those looking for a game based loosely on the Divine Comedy literature will also find some enjoyment in what Visceral Games have brought to the table.

Ultimately, it’s an exciting title, with enough variation in combat (the Holy vs. Unholy direction is fantastic) to keep even the purists pleased. My only complaint is the dodge system which seems a little too touchy at times. The graphics are stunning and Barlowe’s art style is an incredible tribute to the 9 Circles of Hell concept.

Overall, a worthy title for any hack & slash game collection. Easily one of the most uniquely story-driven and mature approaches to ‘gaming’ we’ve seen in a long time.

Readers Comments (14)

  1. Nice review! No mention of the blatant similarities to God of War though? Might pick this up when it becomes cheaper. God of War III looks much better and far more worth my money.

  2. sweet
    if my wait for god of war 3 becomes unberable, and i hapen to hawe some money laying around, than im picking this over bayonetta

  3. Great review Deadpool.Picking this up tommarow.I loved the demo and been waiting since the first teaser.I feel the other reviews were a bit harsh even though they blatenly copied God of War.

  4. the thing i dont agree with this review is the art….ive noticed some “things” that could of looked so much better (i.e. lust and cerberus)

  5. saw the ad for this during superbowl!

  6. What happened to this game in the latter part. They resorted to arenas with pop-up challenges (eg. stay in the air for 8 seconds) to go through 10 circles. Hardly very hell like…completely destroys the atmosphere…and shouldn’t be part of a SP story.

  7. lol @ the first pic

    at first glance i really thought that was kratos LOL

    but yeah, my friend says its pretty good…but i was expecting this too be much more creative….IMO i thought my ideas for the 9 circles were FAR better and a bit more extreme :\

    fail 🙁

  8. good review

  9. I think darksiders is better then dantes inferno but nothing will beat god of war III

  10. Nope will wait for Gow3

  11. Sounds like a good game but my money right now is on Bioshock 2 and GOW 3.

  12. 30NIGHTCRAWLER30 February 21, 2010 @ 14:47

    I will just wait for God Of War 3.

  13. This game is THE BEST! I love the entire package and if you get it on PS3, you can get the Divine Edition with all the extra content. I loved this game and not all hack-and-slash games should be compared to God of War, this is a different style of game. It’s too bad people don’t recognize it for what it is.

  14. Great review of Dante Inferno. Dante Inferno looks to be a very good game and it is a hack and slash game like God of War 3, so it will be very fun to play the game.

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