DmC Demo Impressions

Being a reboot, DmC is a bit of a stitch in my side. It’s a fresh start, yes, but it’s based on an existing IP. Granted, I’m a fan of the Devil May Cry series and, despite misgivings on Dante’s design, am pretty excited for this title. The demo dropped recently, featuring a tutorial level and a boss fight. The first level teaches you a few of the new nuances to this younger Dante. Everything pretty much translates into the various styles Dante had in DmC 3, but with their own flair. A little bit of story is involved here also, hinting at some sort of “Resistance” and hidden truth. In the end it seems Dante fights for the rebel group, but its not clear what he’s fighting for just yet.

Movement is quite fluid with your usual double jump, dash, and dodge. You also have the Devil Trigger (making this Dante look more like the original Dante….yea), but things get really interesting when using the secondary weapons. Osiris, an angelic scythe, can be used to pull Dante to different platforms or to enemies. Rebellion, the demonic, powerful, and much slower counterpart, can open new platforms by pulling them out and also pull enemies into combos. These two abilities offer hundreds of options for combos and gameplay, including some options that come into play in the demo boss fight.

The boss here is called the “Secret Ingredient”. Not sure to what, but it looks quite disgusting whatever it is. You face this larvae sack monster on raised platforms and, when the platform you’re on is covered in acid, you can use Osiris to pull yourself to another. As the fight goes on, you get to use Rebellion to weaken the boss and the amount of platforms to fight upon decrease, forcing you to dodge attacks more efficiently. Overall, this is your typical fast-paced, combo filled Devil May Cry boss fight fare.

This isn’t the finished product, but the game seems quite polished. The graphics are smooth, even with so many things happening on screen. And a lot of things are happening. Always. There is the real world and then there is “limbo”, where demons actually reside. Dante can exist in both and the visuals flicker between the two on occasion. Also, the city itself attacks Dante on occasion. At points the city will fall apart to keep him from progressing. In others, the buildings will collapse upon themselves in order to crush him. All of these things are great touches to the gameplay, always keeping the player on his or her toes.

And finally, Dante himself. I still don’t like this new character design that’s supposed to be a younger Dante. The humor and style is there, but the look is simply too different much like when Infamous 2 brought Cole back as a completely different person. Maybe this will grow on me in time and has some sort of relevance to the story, but I’ll withhold judgement until I finish. The collective gameplay features and polish foreshadow a truly entertaining title and a fast paced entry point for those unfamiliar. I’m excited for the release. With Tomb Raider also on the horizon, this could be a good time for franchise reboots.