E3 2010 – The Top 10 Announcements

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6 – Nintendo’s retro Renaissance

Talk about tugging on the ol’ heartstrings. If you played spent any significant amount of time playing games on the NES and SNES, Nintendo had something for you.

In the hands of Retro Studios Donkey Kong Country Returns instantly makes the big ape relevant again, the same way they did for Metroid with the Prime series. Kirby’s Epic Yarn features an absolutely adorable new art style that plays perfectly to the Wii’s capabilities, although you can detect the LittleBigPlanet influence. The new Goldeneye appeals to those who hold onto memories of late-night four player deathmatches on the N64 original. Kid Icarus, a franchise not seen since the original game way, way back in 1987, gets the sequel that fans have been clamoring for on Nintendo’s new 3DS.

Even better, they all got a target release date. Well, except for Kid Icarus, which has to wait for the 3DS. DKC will be out this holiday, Kirby releases in the fall, and Goldeneye comes this November. That’s a lot of nostalgia in a short period of time.

5 – Zelda: Skyward Sword finally seen in action

At last year’s E3 all Nintendo showed of a new Wii Zelda game was a single piece of great-looking concept art that left everyone wondering what Shigeru Miyamoto had in store for the franchise. Yesterday we finally got our answer.

After a somewhat awkward half-recorded, half-live conversation between Miyamoto and a Nintendo of America executive, it was time for a gameplay demo. Graphically the game was impressive, looking much like Twilight Princess with a bit of cel-shading. Once the game was in motion, we would see the game and it’s 1:1 MotionPlus controls in action.

Unfortunately, there were more than a few technical difficulties with the on-stage game demo. Try as he might, Shiggy just couldn’t quite get Link’s sword to accurately mimic his actions, seeming acting at random. The NoA exec blamed wireless interference for the buggy presentation. With Miyamoto’s track record, we’re more than willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and can’t wait to see what people report from the show floor.

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Readers Comments (11)

  1. Gabe at Sony’s Conference and Twisted Metal. The only announcements ever that gave me goosebumps and I was in awe.

  2. VofEscaflowne June 16, 2010 @ 21:24

    The Nintendo 3DS along with Kid Icarus: Uprising is probably the best surprise of the show for me. While I expected the 3DS to be there (I was surprised by the software lineup though, WOW), I never expected Kid Icarus to make an appearance. What a nice surprise to see Pit making a return! 😀

    I agree with most of the list here… well a few I simply don’t care about such as CoD. Curious about Kirby and the LittleBigPlanet influence. I not once got that impression from the trailer and both are games I enjoy. Is it because of the yarn? 😛

  3. @Vof — Yup, pretty much the yarn, lol. It’s definitely not a rip-off by any means, but I get the feeling that the Epic Yarn devs like them some LBP. 😉

  4. VofEscaflowne June 16, 2010 @ 21:41

    @Joe Garcia

    Haha, well this’ll surprise you.


  5. @Vof — Well, then. o_O

    Though I’ll just stick to my guns and say LBP’s success showed Nintendo that people would dig a Kirby game like that, lol.

  6. Gabe Newell announcing Portal 2 on the PS3 was a pretty pleasant surprise.

  7. Doominator99 June 17, 2010 @ 11:27

    what is so good about portal 2? i thought its just a puzzle game . everybody is hyping it up more than anyother game at e3 so why is it so special!

  8. @Doominator — Sounds like you never played the original. It was simple and superbly written.

    More importantly, the major aspects of Steam making their way to Sony’s console is a huge deal, as detailed in the article.

  9. I do believe that de ds was the best announcement. Not in the showing of the but the games that could potentially come:

    Juts that tech demo for Zelda ocarina of time and Starfox 64 deserve a FTW. That honestly made me want to buy one, just for all those 64 games (assuming those are ever released).

  10. Where is the new redesigned xbox360…. that was a pretty big annoucement

  11. no one expected the portal 2 thing
    especialy after 2 years of valves bulshit about the ps3

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