EA lawsuit results in free Battlefield 1943 voucher for all Battlefield 3 players on PS3

Remember when Sony revealed that EA would be including Battlefield 1943 on all PS3 copies of Battlefield 3 at no extra charge? Well, they never did. And they failed to report that it wouldn’t be happening, thus duping everyone expecting to receive an extra goodie in their Battlefield 3 package. When it was pointed out on twitter, @Battlefield responded with a statement regarding early DLC access being the replacement for the downloadable game not being there. That can roughly be translated to: “Hey, sorry about not telling you guys. In return, we’ll give you earlier access to stuff that was already supposed to be in the game!”

The DLC news was already announced earlier than the tweet, but it was never reported to be an actual replacement for 1943. This lead to a lawsuit by an angry customer on behalf of all PS3 gamers, and it seems like he won.

If you want to redeem your copy of 1943, follow the instructions posted on EA’s website here.

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