EA Sports releases tuner set for NCAA 2011

If you’re a regular sports game purchaser of the EA Sports variety, you should be familiar with the tuner pack changes that NHL 10 introduced last year. The tuner packs allow EA to alter the way a game plays and behaves without having to go through patch certification. This means that if gamers are looking for a change in the way something happens, EA can take care of it immediately once the issue is fixed or altered.

Unfortunately, the first tuner set does not remedy some of the glitches in the game, as a patch due out some time this month will clean those up. However, it does change the way recruits react to top schools as well as the way low-rated recruits effect Dynasty mode later on down the road.

We’ve included the full set of tuner changes below.

  • Increased the default starting values for all Recruits.
  • Slightly increased progression for low and mid tier teams.
  • Tuned CPU recruiting to prevent teams from signing too many players at any one particular position.
  • Increased CPU’s focus upon needed positions in recruiting.
  • Top schools will sign 5 star prospects earlier in the season.
  • After a recruit Soft Commits, any CPU team that is not ranked in the top three will spend significantly less time calling the recruit.
  • Addressed an issue with big lineman jumping too high and deflecting passes.
  • Tuned ESPN U Top 150 Players to be more in line with actual top 150 recruits by decreasing the number of Fullbacks and Kickers.
  • Tuned Field Goal, Kick Offs, and Punting in Super Sim.