Final Fantasy XIII-3 Lightning Returns Gets Its First Trailer

In a move unlike Square and the Final Fantasy series, FF XIII is set to receive its second direct sequel in the first ever full trilogy of games. FF XIII-2 was met with a generally positive reception and while the story was convoluted, I think most that have played XIII and XIII-2 would agree the sequel improved on most everything else. Now Lightning Returns is set to release next year and the debut trailer for the game is finally out.

In the trailer you can see Lightning’s new look as well as the continuation of the absolutely wonderful art direction. The game begins with Lightning awaking from her slumber some several hundred years after the events of XIII-2. The game is essentially about her and her allies fighting against the impending apocalypse – sound familiar for this time of the year? Taking a page out of Majora’s Mask’s book, you essentially play through the final days performing various actions to either fast forward or rewind time. The game will also have a much faster-pace and action-RPG esque battle system.

I have personally not played either, but recently picked both up and plan on taking the time to very soon. What do you expect from this new game and is it even on your radar? Let us know in the comments below!

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